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What is lump in neck after Thyroidectomy?

I had a TT a week ago and developed a large bump about 1/2" above incision site.  It is hard, solid feeling like a small rock and sensitive to touch. It stings b/c of the pressure my neck has on it.  Ice packs make me comfortable but once ice wears off, then it stings again.  It almost looks like a large adam's apple, however, it is not! I'm female and never had this before. My TT was because of a goiter/hashimotos. It is HOT to the touch.

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I believe it's a hematoma. A dr. looked at it and said it would eventaully get reabsorbed and go away but it can take weeks and they HURT!  So this is why I have pain from it.
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A week after my TT, I suddenly developed a large bump right under  the incision, with no pain.  I rushed to the surgeon's office and he said that I must have taken aspirin and possibly picked up something heavy, (I had done both), which caused a hematoma.  He said that eventually, my body would absorb it.  The following week I went back to the doctor and he again assured me that it would eventually go away.  It has been four weeks since my surgery and the lump is still there.   I had part of my thyroid removed four months ago due to a cancerous tumor, and had no problems whatsoever, I had a full recovery within a month after surgery, so I had expected the same.   I take levothyroxine 75 mg have plenty of energy for my 70 years and feel fine otherwise.  Worried about the lump!
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I am post full thyroidectomy 9 days now and surgery went well so I'm told however I feel ok just concerns with a large lump top of insertion. It is soft but hard running along along scar. I am waiting to see my GP tomorrow. Anyone else have this problem.
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