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What is the worst thing a doc has ever said to you?

Thought I'd ask this question coz feeling fairly fed up with the "medical profession" right now, and last time I asked the question: "What was your most embarrassing experience with a doc, it was such a laugh to read the answers and it really cheered me up. So this time I'm asking: "What is the nastiest thing a doc has said to you?" Mine is this: "You are imagining your symptoms, they don't exist, it's all stress and you're imagining you are on the menopause too!" How he could say this amazes me when my FSH is sky high and I've been on a premature menopause for 3 yrs!
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"Everybody thinks they have thyroid problems when they gain weight"

.... only to discover I had a TSH of 95 after the bloodwork.
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Two things come to mind that are equal for me.

1 I could be having a brain anurysum ( because I was hypo w/ symptoms) that came from the loving endo I saw.

2 You need a shrink!
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"On the copy of the CT Scan results, the scan read, "thyroid looks normal", uh, i had a TT about 14yrs ago."

"You can't have thyroid issues, you don't have one".

"Let me write you a presciption for Prozac".

Needless to say, i switched doctors.
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All women over 40 blame everything on their thyroid - my Prim Doc

Oh, it's just papillary microcarcinomas, nothing to worry about, the good kind of cancer!!

The ENT/surgeon who replied when I asked about his wait and watch approach & what happens to those who have Cancer, "Oh, well, it comes with regret ...."


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When I went to a doctor to have a physical and I told him about various issues, and his response to all of them were " It's nothing I can help you with".
Hello??? These were medical issues. Did I go see a real doctor or does he just play one on TV?  
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If it doesn't work we can always try again in a year.

You are obviously non-compliant or your meds would be working.

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