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What should I bring to RAI treatment?

Okay, besides the usual old magazines, books,sour candy,  etc.  What fun stuff should I bring that I don't have to worry about?  I am sad about leaving the ipod and cell phone at home but I have heard of people bringing wine and other goodies.  Any ideas?
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I had coloring book and sketchbook and colored and drew pics.It was very relaxing.Of course I had to throw them away but there were no masterpieces, just doodles and stuff.Made the time go by fast too.You will be surprized how fast the time goes by.Have fun with it.
Love Venora
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How are you feeling? How long do you have to stay away from the outside world. Take Care-Pam
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I had a very detailed discussion w/the people at Nuclear Medicine where I'm going to have my RAI early July...they assured me if was okay to bring my laptop/Ipod as long as I only touch them w/gloved hands.  I was very thrilled w/this news.  You think I was told incorrectly?  I'm certainly hoping not.  I even asked if they were positive I would be able to leave with it and they said "most definitely."

*sigh* Maybe it's too good to be true?????
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I'm the wino who took wine in with me for my RAI.  I had my treatment in Brisbane Australia and was in isolation for 4 days.  I was told that I could take in anything that I wanted to but if I was taking in any knitting or sewing or embroidery that I would have toi be extra careful that I didn't lick the ends of the cottons/wool etc because the radiation spsreads through bodily fluids ie saliva.   I took in a heap of beading/jewelry makin stuff, books, WINE, cheese and bickies, dips, fruit and had a party.

I did have a phone in my room that could receive calls so I threatened/begged/harrassed and nagged everyone that I could think of before I went in and asked them to phone me.   Over the 4 days I received approx 24 phone calls.  Gee it made the time go really quickly.   I also had to take in 'old' clothing to wear.  They didn't want me sitting around in hospital clothes feeling like a patient.  I got up of a morning showered, got dressed and then just filled in my day.

I didn't get stuck into my wine until the second night though.  The first 24 hours I drank heaps and heaps of water to flush the RAI out of my system.

If you keep washing your hands and keep them scrupulously clean and don't lick your fingers then you shouldn't risk contaminating anything.  But if you are concerned, yes wear gloves.   As I said the radiation is only spread to objects by bodily fluids.  So if you don't kiss or lick your laptop you should be fine.
PS  Have a wine for me.

Leanne the Aussie Wino
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I brought all my own food and water.That hospital food will kill you long before any disease....best of luck to you...you will do great!!!
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Good suggestions.  I have to have my coca-cola.  Maybe a little rum with that as well.....  the ipod thing- I was thinking about the earbuds as well- those could get contaminated.  I thought about bringing  an old portable CD (remember those) player and burn music off of my computer and then just leave it there.  I do like to color- good idea- it's relaxing.  Good ideas.
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