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What was the treatment for your thyroid nodules?

As stated previously, the majority of thyroid nodules are benign and may not require any intervention. In particular, nodules that are benign and/or less that 1 cm wide may not require immediate treatment. Instead, periodic evaluation by a physician's examination and/or ultrasound may be sufficient.
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I am 39yrs old and noticed Nov.27th of 2010, that I had a knot on the right side of my neck. I went to my primary care physician and they did protocol of blood work, ultra sound, and last the medical nuclear scan. I was then referred to an endocrinologist who did a biopsy of the nodule on the right and found another nodule on the left side. The results were inconclusive on the right side however calcifications around the nodule and possibly atypical precancerous cells. The left nodule came back benign. I was then sent to a surgeon for consultation of possible surgery. I get there to all but undergo another biopsy of the nodule on the right for more conclusive results. This surgeon told me to forget everything the previous doctor had told me and to await results of this biopsy. This surgeon practically scared me in telling the risks of surgery of worst-case scenarios. Patient is confused, scared, and doesn't know what to trust now.
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I was told that it would be very dangerous to preform a biopsy due to its deep location and adjacent to the carotld artery, which makes it technical challenge.    In my case what should you do ?
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i wish you had more information about when your thyroid is removed.  my first half was taken when i was 20, the rest came out in April.  i am 60 years old and suffering.  especially hot flashes.  i started taking iodine a week ago, but no changes.  HELP
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