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What's the difference & what would you do?

I went to the doctor because I was feeling blah, gained weight etc.  They checked my hormones, thyroid & blood sugar. My hormones came back with my testosterone low, my thyroid test & blood sugar came back normal.  The doctor put me on some testosterone pills (for women) - it seem to help a little but I still didn't feel great. I went back to doctor & ask to have an ultrasound on my thyroid (thyroid problems run in my family) just rule out 100% that it wasn't my thyroid. When I got the results from the place that done it this is what it said: Normal size thyroid gland with Hypoechoic focus along the posterior margin of the mid pole of the left thryoid lobe measuring up to 1.4 x 0.7 x .07 cm in size. This would be amenable to ultrasound guided percutaneous biopsy.   Now a girl I work with has had almost the same exact problem - the doctor that read her ultrasound said that hers 14 mm (which is 1.4 cm) & was isoechoic - but did not say anything about having it biopsied.  Her family doctor put her on synthroid to shrink hers.  I just don't understand the difference in recommendations.  Could someone please explain it to me?
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Hi there. The difference is your friends thyroid is giving off reflective ultrasound waves the same as the surrounding area and yours isn't.  So essentially you don't have the same problem as your friend.

I suggest you go back to your doctor and get them to run the full thyroid blood tests as well. Free T3 Free T4, TSH and anti-bodies. I would be asking if they intend to do a biopsy as well, it seems your nodule is semi-solid so could do with further investigations. (Don't worry 90% of them are not cancer!)

Do you have any symptoms of thryoid problems, weight gain, hair loss, etc?
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I know the doctor did do blood test on my thyroid & it came back normal.  I have a lot to the symptoms of thryoid problems like weight gain, constipation, fatigue & heavy periods.  That is why I pushed having the ultrasound because I felt like something just wasn't right. Thank you for the information.  Just keep me in your prayers!
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Bumping this as she reposted same question today. :)
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