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Where I've been and sneak peak

I've been really quiet lately,.  I have been blazing through some tests trying to figure out what's going on.  I was thinking that levo was making me sick everyday.  I was only taking   .13 of levo because I really thought this was heat was making me feel so crappy every day.  Words cannot begin to describe how bad I felt every day 4 hours taking meds.  So I stopped taking them all together.  You know what happened when i stopped?   I still get these weird attacks every day, terrible anxiety, ears ringing off the hook.  

My last test which i will get full results tomorrow my tsh was 7.60.  I'm on clonezepam for the anxiety and my internal med doc thinks I've got a pit tumor. All I know is I feel horrible.

I also had a full limes work up that came back negative..

Life sux sometimes....
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Well, sounds like you are getting some answers! If it is a pituitary tumour, you will get treated and no doubt feel much better. Fingers crossed!
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i think its the only time i WISHED i had a tumor.  Seriously i dont care at this point.  Let them tell me i have anything, as long as they tell me something.  I have horrible horrible anxiety and ear ringing every day.  Come on disease,  time to man up....
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You are very hypothyroid Bruce. Mayo would have found a pit tumor.

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clarify here too.

.13 mcg "levothyroixine"?

or .13 mcg Tirosint?
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The only clear way for them to diagnose a pituitary tumor is to have an MRI done....has anyone done an MRI on your head Bruce? CT's are too vague, it has to be an MRI.
Again....you cannot look at the thyroid with the TSH only....need to have at least the free t4 done with it, which is an important way to rule in or out if it is your thyroid too. If it is pituitary, then your free t4 will be mid-normal to high normal with a tsh that shows hypo range.  
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What's that?
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What do you mean What's that Bruce? Are you seriously asking what hypothyroidism is?
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I was being sarcastic.  K142 and i joke back and forth on here from time to time.  
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Hadn't seen your joking before; wondered if you had a serious question.  
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No sorry I guess I shouldnt of posted that.  I apologize.
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IM waiting for the results of the pituary MRI to return.  IM sure it will come back negative.  I have not been on thyroid medication for 8 days now.  Today is day 8 if my calculation is correct.   My fatigue is a lot better, my anxiety better too but I still have this really weird thing going on that no one can put their finger on  it.  I saw an endo today that I feel confident that if there is something messed up and odd he will find it.  he wants to repeat a lot of stuff even though its already been done to form his own opinion.

I have a little tiredness from the hypothyroidism, but my main symptoms are high pitch noise in ears and around 2-3 pm every day i have a horrible anxiety set in.  I just cant figure out what is causing the anxiety attacks.   Its like all of a sudden i just start to not geel good, and then it gets worse , worse and then by the end of the day im about to go insane.  I feel better after i take my ambien before bedtime.  I wonder if im addicted to ambien..  I cant figure this out.

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