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Which medecines cause these symptoms

My mother has Graves Disease, and diabetes.  The medicines she takes cause her chest pain, shortness of breath, and make her dizzy.  Her blood pressure checks out ok, but is the medicine for the blood pressure causing this pain.
Some days she is ok and other days the pain comes in the morning and lasts all day.
Of all the medecines she takes which is most likely the culprit.  Is there any alternatives.
Actos - 30 mg once a day
Metformin- 500 mg 4 times a day
Crestor 10 mg once a day
Lotrel  10/40 mg once a day
Synthoid  137 mcg once a day
Hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg once a day
Glempiride - 4 mg 2 tablets
Lantus 10 units-once in the morning

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This is a question your mother should be asking her doctor.  

I have taken Metformin & HCTZ with no symptoms.    
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When you're having any kind of diuretics, it is always possible to have low sodium, low potassium, low Mg (those must be controled).

About the side efects, all have, but Actos can give chest pain (general ill feeling), feeling short of breath, blurred vision. Actos is an oral diabetes medicine that help control blood sugar levels.These are serious allergic signs.

Lotrel (is used to treat high blood pressure ) can have as side effects chest pain muscle weakness, feel light - headed, fainting: Glempiride (for diabetes) can give dizzness or light headness; Crestor is to control cholesterol, have more offen side effects but doses of 10 mg are the lowest , and side effects can be abdominal pain (not chest). So is better to talk to the doctor  about this side effects. She is very well medicated but allergic reactions can happen. TALK TO TE DOCTOR is all I can tell.
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