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Wii Exercise - It works

If anyone has got the Wii program for exercise - respond to this post. It is amazing getting your muscles and fat burning back.

It also is an online program - so we can build a support group for each other - and really give each other a chance to support and work on setting up a routine to work on this weight together.

Between diet and maybe Wii - we can really get what we want to achieve.
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I just got my Wii this week. I LOVE it! You will have to help me with the online program but I am ready to go!!!!
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Yes we have the wii stuff, it's brillian and fun. But I have to go careful, I'm so tired that if I exercise to much I nearly collapse!
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I am never able to get my yoga . I work at best buy and they will not let me keep one to the side. However tennis and a few other ones will keep you moving!
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I don't have one at home, but have played it.  It's awesome!!  You should see my "Wii Person".......you'd love it.  Maybe I'll have to think about getting the family one for Christmas this year?  
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What a great idea Stella and all!

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so how do we get started as a community?
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We have Wii and I want to get Wii fitness, but havn't as of yet.  
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Any updates, progress on your Wii program ?  Sounds like a great idea!

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Thats such a good idea.
I understand its also being used in Rehab facilities, and nursing homes to help improve the lives of those that are unable to do much in the way of strenuous activities.
It is already been proven to improve a persons health and coordination.
You guys have bunches of fun! lol
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I'm new here, I do have a wii.
   I got wii fit about 3 weeks back, and actually feel a lot better since using it.  I think it could be better, honestly, but the idea is mostly there.  I wish there wasn't so much stopping and starting, it ends up taking double the actual workout time to get a short workout.         I'm home a lot though, so I love it, since I have the time.  
   Also I highly recommend anyone with a Wii go to the Wiiware downloads and buy "Helix" for working out.  It plays dance music and has you making arm movements to the music to keep moving.  It's very fun and actually a great workout, probably more vigorous than wii fit.  I combine the two, a little wii fit, then a few songs in "Helix" and it's a really good workout.  
   I actually enjoy the step/music game in wii fit the most, I wish there were more levels or different movements to move up to, whats there is pretty rudimentary and just a start.  Seems like with the success of wii fit, there'll be more software for good wii workouts with the board, though, and I'm totally hooked on it.  
    I don't see where there is an online component to wii fit unless you mean to start one here.  Tell us how that part works.
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Dh and I have decided to get the kids one for Christmas..now I am REALLY excited to get it....LOL.I will probably never get a minute on it...=P
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does anyone who has a Wii use the Exercise Tracker? Im wondering how I might add it to the tracker.
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I started, but then I got lost with it. :) I have been working 40+ hours. So that might be why!
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I have it and I love it.  I also have the Wii Fit, which I try to use at least 30 min/day most days.  It, too, has an excellent exercise tracker as it lets you add activities you've participated in besides Wii Fit.  Although I haven't lost any weight on it, I know my muscles have gotten stronger, and I believe I've lost a couple of inches, like from my thighs and upper arms.  I like the step dance part too, but I've never been much good with rhythm, so it's a challenge for me; however, I am getting better at it.  I particularly like the yoga because it tends relax me because the movements are so deliberate.  

I don't plan to hook mine up to the internet, but will follow along and participate through this thread as much as I can.  
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I am hopfully (crosses fingers and toes) to be getting a Wii and the Wii Fit asap....! I excersize 3-4 days a week for 20min to a taebo tape and It just gets so boring... I still plan to do the taebo but I can't wait to ge thw Wii Fit and do Yoga and hoola hooping and all the new games for it... ITS IMPOSSIABLE TO FIND! But With luck on my side i might get them tomorrow... (Cross Fingers!!!!) :)  I let you know if I lose anymore wieght from it... and what regiment I decide to follow...
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New years resolution, stop dwelling and exercising. So hard lol.
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