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Will you please help me to uderstand my Thyroid sonogram results?

I have had Hashimoto's disease for 17 years and just had a sonogram done on my thyroid. I will have a FNA biopsy next week but would really like to better understand what I may be facing before going into the biopsy.

My pathology reports reads:
Right lobe of thyroid measures 5x1.8x1.9 cm and the left lobe measures 5.5x2x1.7 cm.

The thyroid parenchyma is quite inhomogeneous. No definite 3-dimensional nodule is seen on the right lobe of the thyroid gland. There is one solid nodule noted in the lower pole of the left lobe of the thyroid measuring 1.9 x 1.5 x 1.2 cm. Increased vascularity is noted in this nodule on color Doppler.

Small lymph nodes are seen in the left side of the neck, the largest seen just lateral to the left thyroid gland measuring 2.1 x 0.4 x 0.7 cm.

Impression: Markedly inhomogeneous and slightly enlarged thyroid gland with a solid nodule measuring 1.9 cm in the lower pole of the left lobe. Biopsy under ultrasound guidance recommended.

Does my sonogram pathology seem to point to cancer? I've researched the jargon via the internet and it's not clear as to what everything means. Please help me understand.

Thanks so much!
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The ultrasound itself is not used to diganose the cancer. the stistical study shows that the cold nodules WITH internal blood flow and larger then 1 cm are generally having 22% risk to be suspected for the cancer. Presence of microcalcifications increases that risk to 23% [but your report did not indicate any].
Based of nodule size [more then 1 cm] and internal blood flow the biopsy must be performed to give the answer; also the lymph node can be biopsied as well.
In the past the fixed, firm and  fast growing nodules were strongly suspected for cancer, now this conclusion can be made only after biopsy readings.
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The most accurate way to determine whether or not there are any type of abnormal cells within the nodule is to have a biopsy of the nodule.
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