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Wondering if I have thyroid problems. Please help.

For over two years I've had problems that have been dismissed after tests have come back normal.  It started with panic attacks out of the blue, then right sided pain in my abdomen, flank, and lower back. After that I developed muscular TMJ that goes back and forth between sides, but mostly on left.
Lately I've been having irregular menstrual cycles, tongue swelling where I wake up with teeth indentations in my tongue, dry tongue no matter how much I drink and a weird dry coating on my tongue, hoarseness and having to clear my throat with occasional dry coughing episodes (mostly in morning).  The tongue problems seem to go away right before my period, then come back right at the end.
I've noticed a lump in my neck next to my adam's apple that when I push on it it kind of makes a "pop" feeling, as if it's being popped behind something or to the side. I can't see the lump normally, but when I put my head back and swallow it is noticable.  I know that my thyroid is below my adam's apple,  but the lump is next to it. I'm wondering if it could be related to the muscular TMJ problem, or maybe a thyroid problem.

I've only had my TSH tested and my doctor's won't run anymore tests because they think I dwell too much on small things.  
My TSH in January 2006 was 1.3
TSH in January 2007 was 2.2

I'm thinking of going to a doctor outside my plan and asking for a full thyroid panel. Anyone have similar problems or suggestions, I would love any input.

Thanks so much.
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Yes this can be thyroid related, the tounge thing sounds just like mine which docs tell me it looks normal but I know what my tounge use to look like, I have been swabbing it with peroxide for the past few days to see if it helps (Candida/Thrush), it does look a lil better but not completely normal yet as for the white coating but not the swelling yet, there is another person here with the same thing as well. You should have a complete panel ran and demand it! I have Hashimotos and normal thyroid levels but had High antibodies in the past, request TPO antibodie also.
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Thyroid symptoms are so non-specific.  In other words, a lot of other health conditions have the same symptoms as thyroid, it is very difficult to distinguish where the symptoms are coming from or which health conditions are the cause.  If your TSH level was above 10 with symptoms, then it would suggest thyroid per AACE 2006 amended guidelines,  the US Government 2004 Guidelines and UK 2006 Guidelines.

Don't confuse the Adam's apple with the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is located further down on your neck, closer to the collarbone.

Nodules are quite common occurring in more than 50% of the world's population and among  healthy thyroid people. Only 5-10% of these are cancer. A fine needle aspiration biopsy of the dominant (large) nodule(s) is appropriate. Nodules do not cause symptoms like weight gain, fatigue, etc.

October is breast cancer awareness month
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Reading your post I realize that I had the swelling of the tongue along with the white coating.  As I've said before I took antibotics and it cleared it up and then it came back.  I ignored it after that.  I knew my tongue was feeling like it was too big for my mouth.  Lots of things we just ignore although I did mention the swelling to my doctor.  She didn't say anything.  Of well, just am glad things are better and I am going forward.   Always glad for the comments here.   linda
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