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:::::::::::YOUR FEED BACK PLEASE ::::::::::::::::::

How do you feel this forum is helping you? What do you like best?

Is there any more things that could be done to help you further?

Give us your feedback on any thoughts you may have.

Have any members really stepped up to the plate and made a difference for you? Tell us.

Inquiring minds want to know..................
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I want to thank YOU, the members of this community because YOU are what make it such a GREAT COMMUNITY!  This board has been, and I can only anticipate it will continue to be, a wonderful place for people to come together to give/get thyroid support, advice and gain knowledge.  In the process of doing so, some may even make new friends along the way!

I have been a member of this fabulous community since Nov. 2006 when I first found out I had 2 thyroid nodules.  Since that very first posting, I cannot begin to tell you all how much this board has helped me with my thyroid issues from detection to surgery to medication to acceptance!  Utahmomma was my first contact back then.  THANKS UTAH!!!   This is something I will always hold dear to my heart.

I view our Thyroid Community as a fence .. the fence we build is built post by post and until every post is answered our job will not be done.  Through the sincere efforts of everybody in this community we WILL BUILD THAT FENCE and as we do .. WE WILL HELP EACH OTHER and when we are having a good day maybe give support/lend a hand, tell a joke --  and when we are having a bad day, perhaps, reach out for support & know we will get support from our friends.  

It is the uniquue dynamics of our own Community we see on this board day in and day out that sets us apart .. reminds us WE ARE NOT ALONE and makes us a true, solid community dedicated to helping each other.  To me, that is something very special and very proud to be a part of .. and, I think you may feel the same way, too!

So to all of us on the board ... pat ourselves on the back for a job well done .. a job in process .. lending a hand ..helping each other, and in the process maybe having some fun!

We all have one thing in common -- Our Community has thyroid concerns.  This is what brings us together and will keep us together .....ALL OFYOU ...  KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!

Cheryl - Thyroid Co-Community Leader
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Ah, where to begin.  Helped me, yes tremendously.  Because of AR I learned that I needed my Free's tested.  From others to numerous to mention, I learned that I am not alone.  Recently posted and 5 friends popped in to offer advice and their own experiences.  Where else could you find this kind of support?  I am still learning as much as I can and everyday I find myself reaching for this board to offer hope and information.  One side effect I am dealing with is hairloss...I can't tell you how many Dr's told me it would stop once my TSH was within range!!!!  I brought my issue to the board and they suggested I get my Ferritin level checked, sure enough, its at 22 with 70-80 being optimal for growth etc.  I could go on and on and on.  Yes the board has/is helping me.  I enjoy everyones company, I think of others and what they are going through daily  and keep all in my thoughts.  I like the board just the way it is although, if I could figure out the lingo (bump?), how to get some friends, and how to get a silly icon next to my name...hee-hee.  Many names come to mind...AR, ChitChat,Stella, Kitty, the list goes on.
What do I like best?  The fact that so many of you offer your knowledge and guidance to others without giving it a second thought and without judging......

Thank you for the board,
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I like the fact that I can sit in my jim-jams and type to people all over the world with similar problems to mine. I usually avoid forums like the plague but this one has shown me warmth, friendship, and understanding. I can not express how helpful you all are in your own individual ways. I enjoy helping people ease their minds too about things that can be overwhelming.
  I don't feel like I have to justify myself, that you all know when I say how I feel, that I can  almost hear the empathy! Most of you are thousands of miles away from me, but just knowing even on a different time zone that someone will read what I write and understand what is happening makes me feel all soft and gooey inside. (blergh, that was soooo girly!)
  I really feel compelled to get this thyroid issue out to the public. It's National Thyroid Week here in Australia...June 1 to June 8...but guess what It says on the webpage....POSSIBLE dates! The Deafness Foundation is having their awareness week at the same time, and they use a butterfly as their logo, so does the Thyroid Association...so yet again we poor thyroidians get pushed aside! So by having this forum and hearing everyone's stories and helping each other, I believe we then are empowered to tell the people around us about thyroid conditions, and in a ripple effect this may help many more in the future.
I also think we are all realising the medical profession is just not up to scratch, and we as a group encourage each other to make real change. I love that!
  Thank you...that is all...now go back to being whining patients who have nothing better to do than waste doctors time! (that was a little joke! Don't hit me!)
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I dont know where to even begin... YES, this forum has helped me through some of my scariest moments!!

I have made some darling friends through this community... friends that I will always hold dear to my heart. We are a very special bunch because each and everyone of us know what the other is speaking of.

I in a million years would have never of thought that this forum would have gotten me through what I have been through and more. YOU are always here for me regardless... Morning til night and thensome.

Stella has helped me to learn and understand my own body. Any question I ask, she answers..even if she isnt quite sure.. she tries to get me through. I am so very greatful for you N!! VERY!!! You are like my so called "DR" on this forum. You have so much knowledge, I trust every ounce of knowledge coming from your keyboard to mine!!!

Dscoochie, Skeeter, Liz, iunderstand... just to name a few have become such dear and amazing support for me. I look forward everyday to hopping on the computer and reading my notes or messages awaiting me from you all.

I can be completely healed tomorrow, and I still would never leave. So many helped me as I am here to do just that!! I thank god every night for this community!!

love, mk
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I think I am alive today because of this forum.

No exageration at all. If it weren't for the members that helped me when I first came along, and supported me for a year while I was extremely ill and depressed, I'd be dead.

They know who they are, and I will never forget what they did for me.

What would be helpful to me? Well... everyone could send me a hundred bucks, and a $50,000 dollar grant from Medhelp would be sweet!! LOL!!
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Where else can you go (in the real world) and talk to tons of people who've been in your shoes?  I've talked to people in my area who have had thyroid issues and one neighbor who even had half her thyroid out.  NONE of them even know what meds they take.  It's SHOCKING!!!  I  have to name a few brands before it jogs their memory!  I've asked them what their TSH is and they look at me all glazed over as if they should know what that stands for, but don't... UGH!!!   One of my girlfriends, who has had life-long thyroid issues and is pregnant, didn't even know her TSH or what med she was on.  Just that she took thyroid medicine.  At my insistance, she had her TSH checked and her doc upped her meds.  It probably saved that baby...  All because "I" was alert and aware after joining this community!

Of course, in their defense, I was a similarly unaware person until I found you guys and the forum after my TT!  And the ways in which you've helped me are too numerous to mention.  Just the things that get brought up and talked about sometimes help me the most.  Things I'd never think of or notice if left to my own devices...  I've learned something different from each and everyone of you.  

And of course, I have my little "experts" that I go to for help, like everyone else... AR for test results (We all know he's had EVERY test known to man and has Google'd the results up one side and down another...stuff I don't have the time nor patience to do and I thank him for being my human encyclopedia...), and Utah, for her input on cancer issues... And of course there's ChitChat.  What can you say about a cheerleader like ChitChat?  And well, just about everyone, really....  You all mean a lot to me and I aspire to help a one or two, as time permits, myself...  

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all.

Oh, and PS, I'd be in for a cut of AR's.... LOL!!!
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