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Yeah, my Vit D is 33 now! Up from 9 about 8 weeks ago!!!

So now the gameplan is to only take the Vit D once a week vs. 2X week (so 50,000 iu's vs. 100,000 iu's) and recheck it again in 10 weeks.  I await the unrelated kidney stone analysis and 24hr urine study, but all the other thyroid test (blood) were okay and my TSH is up to 2.4 from 1.3 but since my micros were so small and incdiental, both my Primary Doc and my Endo agree to keep my Synthroid dosing where it is at 62.5mcgs vs. 75  .... I was a bit concerned with it over 2.0 (supression is closer to 1.0) but they all agree that it's not worth the quality of life issues for me at this time vs. the pathology report from 2 yrs ago and for now I agree.

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Congratulations on great news!!

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Hey Cheryl~  Great news!  I go in next week to see if 50k 2x week has upped mine to any reasonable level...  The sun finally found fit to shine on Seattle on Sunday.  I even got some color... Yippee!
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Congratulations.  That is fantastic news!  I bet you feel a lot better also.  YAY  I hope you get good news from your  kidney stone analysis and urine study too.  ;~)
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Good grief Charlie Brown! 50,000 iu!!!! Here I was thinking my 2,000 iu was a huge dose! Woohoo! Man, you must really stop hiding under all those blankets and get some sun! (Sticking my tongue out at you!!!)
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Hey Red ---------  They think cause of the melanoma I had removed 6mos post op from my thyroid surgery 2 yrrs ago that I am using more sunscreen and hanging out more in the shade ... it makes sense I guess -- avoid another skin cancer and get no Vitamin D LOL!!!  Hard to believe I was on 100,000 iu's for a month and now will be maintained on the 50,000.  Yes, feelin fine .. I had all hypothyroid symptoms which brought me originally to the doc in December (inc. 3 missed menses!).

Pep88 --- keep us posted and good luck on your Vit D.

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