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aggravating symptoms

i am under drugs for hypothyroidism since 2004,dec.recently i have picked up some grave symptoms-i feel hard to speak,my voice chokes,my head spins,total reading disorientation,breathing problems,excessive sweating,facial pain and stiffness.do this symptoms occur with anyone of you or i am heading towards something really dangerous consequences or my disease aggravating even though my thyroxine-100mcg tablets is being administered properly!!!!!!!!!!
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i had my test done day before yesterday ihave tsh within range i,e,tsh-1.39(<4.1).i had my tsh just above normal 5- 2months ago and my doctor advised me to go on with 125mcg.from previous 2 weeks i have been consuming 100mcg on my owm and levels are normal.if its normal then why this uncertainity.
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Regular testing for thyroid function needs to be done.

When were your last labs and what were the levels?
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