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anxiety, depression and thyroid

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, hashimoto's syndrome 2 years ago.  Recently began having recurrance of severe insomnia and anxiety/depression despite medication for both and synthroid as well.  PCP ordered hormone levels FSH was normal.  T3 total 115, T3 uptake ws high (41) T4 total was normal (9.5) but free T4 index was high 3.9. Dr. said tests were normal.  Is this true?  If not what does it mean? I had severe stress from job and quit it just last week but still miserable with sleep disturbance and night sweats, rapid heart beat etc.  Can you tell me if this is related to thyroid or just generalized anxiety/depression?
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I'm afraid that i am not going to be much help except to tell you I have been having similar problems this week.  I don't know what is causing it either.  I just started taking 50,000 units of Vitamin D and don't know if that could be a factor or not.  I don't like this and I take meds for depression and something to hold my thoughts together.  This doctor calls it thought glue.  It is supposed to help with the symptoms from my thyroid.  I feel for you and I am sure you will eventually get to the bottom of this as will I.  Hang it there.   Linda
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Boy can I relate. I have been going through the same thing, waking up every 1.5-2 hours with pounding heart, terrible sleep deprivation.

It is so hard to get treatment from the MD because they don't know what to do. I feel like I am going crazy all during the night. Wake up and just pray pray pray.

I get no support from my family, so I feel alone, except for this place.
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