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anyone had thyroid reaction while taking birth control?

Hi I'm 35 yrs old and had taken birth control for several years before i went off of it and decided to have a baby. After i had the baby i sometimes experienced hot flashes but didn't really think much of it.  I was put back on Yasmin after the baby was born and everything was fine. Then i went off of Yasmin because my husband and I wanted another child. Unfortunately i became pregnant and then miscarried and had to have a DNC. After the DNC, i didn't feel like myself, sweated a lot, still had hot flashes and at times felt faint.  My guinecologist put me on Seasonique birth control after that because i couldn't deal with another child right away after my miscarriage. After being on it for two months, I experienced the same hot flashes, and sweating, but then other symptoms appeared: irritability, inability to handle stress, extreme nervousness and tremors, insomnia and just a feeling as if I couldn't handle everyday life. Anxiety attacks i'm ruling out simply because i'm not thinking about anything in particular or worrying about anything when these episodes occur. I had a thyroid test which did come up slightly overactive. So what i'm wondering is: Is it possible that the Seasonique has done a number on my hormones including my thyroid???
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There is a ton of research available on interference with thyroid function while on birth control.

I suggest googling the Yaz and Seanonique with thyroid disease and read about it.

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