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anyone have allergic reaction to Vitamin D?

Hi! I switched to a new Vitamin D, a liquid 1,000 mg with no soy or gluten. I took it yesterday along with my new B12. My face swelled up. Today I decided not to take the B12, thinking that had caused a reaction.

I took the D today and my face swelled again, so I guess it is the D that is making me sick. I had a terrible reaction when my first endo gave me the 50,000 unit gel caps. I thought it was the soy in the gel, but now I wonder if I'm allergic to D.

Anyone ever heard of that? How do you treat this?

:) Tamra
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Just wondering if you found an answer to your question? I've been going through the same thing. I am very deficient, however I have a terrible reaction to Vit D. It started after taking the 50,000 i.u and now I can't even tolerate a glass of milk. I have to completely avoid vit d, and foods that contain high amounts of it.
If you are taking D2 all brands I have found have soy. D3 you can find some that do not have soy. If your are allergic to soy avoid D2
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Hmmmm this is worth researching....please list all the ingredients and what type of D you are taking? Is it D3?
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Is it by chance Wellesse?  I bought the liquid also for the whole fam and my daughter broke out in a rash like hives all over her legs and stomach but she has had it since and not had any reaction so not sure if that was what did it or not but it was the only thing I could come up with.
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I know someone who is allergic to the sun -- every time she spends time in the sun, without being covered, she breaks out in a rash, swells, etc.  
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Wow! That's odd. Never heard of that happening.

50,000IU is D2 and then there's D3.

I took both but I have chronic low D. My endocronologist says my body doesn't absorb D so she took me off the 50,000IU and put me on 5,000IU daily of D3. That's a high dose and I don't suggest anyone taking it before consulting your doctor.

I would suggest anyone who is having a reaction to the D they're taking, call the manufacturer and ask exactly what's in it.
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I have tried EVERY kind of D3. 50,000 unit pills, liquid, and the only kind that I don't have a bad reaction to is the direct sun or low level pills.

:) Tamra
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Have you tried a lower dosage?  Maybe you need to build up your levels more slowly??
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I break a 400 pill in half. I also use the sun. Luckily, I live in south Texas.
:) Tamra
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I'm allergic to vitamin D!!
I have even worse symptoms, my face and arms and legs swell my chest gets tight and I can't breath. This happens from eating anything with vitamin D or sun exsposure.
The doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me. This has been happening since I was a kid. I got tired of no one knowing what was wrong. When I was 15 years old my mother to me to the healthfood store. I told the herbalist my systems and what I was eating or doing at the time. She went thru a few books and then told me I was allergic to Vitamin D.
This changed my life and now I practice avoidance.
Here is a list of foods to avoid but you must always check lables ...as they add vitamin D into everything.
Spinich, cereal, milk, some soy & rice milks,
egg yolk, most seafood and fish even tuna, the add it to orange juice, mushrooms,protein bars and energy drinks, some whole milk cheese, some tofu,vitamin fortified water and juice, the sun also may effect you when your allergic to vitamin D ..... I carry a rice paper Asian parasol with me during tje summer months to keep myself out of the sun.
I hope this helps, please remember to read lables because they add it into everything.
Don't fret I just tell people I have allergys.......beacuse they just don't get it!!!!!!! That I'm allergic to vitamin D.
Take care,
Krystal K. Puyallup,wa
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Hi!  I have a similar problem in that I am very deficient in D but have had bad reactions to any D2 or D3 supplement I have taken, over-the-counter or prescribed.  I am in the process of trying to figure this out myself but a few things for thought . . .

First, have you considered the source of the D?  I recently learned that most D3 is derived from lanolin.  As it is possible to have a wool allergy, you may want to confirm the source of the D and be tested for any allergies thereto.

Second, not all products saying "gluten-free" were made without gluten.  Some manufacturers assume that their products are gluten free because they contend that the protein could not withstand the processing.  I have had several bad reactions to prescribed medicine that was supposedly gluten free only to later learn that it contained, e.g., wheat.

Third, could there be a cross-contamination issue?

Fourth, I am intrigued by things I have seen on the internet referring to a low D level but a high D-1,25 level (which is the activated form of D in your serum), which can cause a bad reaction to supplements.  However, your reaction sounds more like an allergy.

Finally, perhaps you could try another type of liquid D.  E.g., if you have tried one in olive oil maybe you could try one suspended in coconut oil (but I would check on the D source first to make sure that you don't have an allergy to that).

Best of luck and do keep us posted!
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Mary, wow, it's been a while since I posted. Thanks for answering. I'm taking 1,000 IU D capsules, Spring Valley from Wal-Mart, and no bad reactions.  I think something was in that liquid D. I am also out in the sun more. No D problems now. Mary, you sound very intelligent and informed. Thanks so much for your input.

:) Tamra
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Krystal, good thing you live in Puyallup if you're allergic to D. I used to be your neighbor in Spanaway. I think I saw the sun a few days a year. Thanks for your advice. I think it was just that liquid I took, but this is good advice for anyone else who truly has a D problem.

:) Tamra
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So glad to hear that you have solved the problem Tamra!  I am sure that you are probably feeling much better now.  I will definitely look for that supplement; and, while my doctor wants me to get 5,000 iu / day, a 1,000 iu supplement that will work sure beats nothing!

Best regards, Mary
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Thanks to both of you for your input.  I recently was diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency and had an allegic type reaction also.  My chest felt tight, I felt winded, my joints ached and burned, I felt fatigued even after a good night's sleep.  The symptoms were significantly increased with the 50,000 IUs once per week prescribed by my physician.  I even responded poorly to as little as 1,000 IUs.  I'll purchase the vitamin D from Walmart.  Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

RES in Denver
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I have been taking the walmart stuff the 5000 iu I was taking 2 of them my vitamin D went from 36 to 91 in a month or two.  they are freaking out because top range is 80 so I am cutting back to 1 but I really really notice a difference in fatigue when I forget to take vit D.
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I get neck pain on the second day after taking 50K IU/wk
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First, good on both of you for recognizing the problems when you take the mega-doses.  My food allergies either developed or became problematic (severe) only after I had my thyroid removed.  As allergy problems can go hand-in-hand with thyroid issues, I think it is important to recognize ill-effects whether it is with medicine or food.

For example, the allergies I developed are to corn, citrus, shellfish and papaya and their derivatives (certified, diagnosed, skin-test allergies!) - derivatives of all of which can be contained in the fillers or capsule.  As a result, my bad reactions to medicines are usually not to the medicine proper but rather to the filler ingredients.  I now have my medicines compounded in acidophilus.

So, honestly, I don't know for sure yet if my bad reactions to the Vitamin D supplements are to the fillers or the D itself because I have tried a variety of supplements that presumably do not contain any  of my known allergens.  I will note that the one supplement I have tried so far with the least amount of ill-effects is a liquid version of D3 in coconut oil (one drop in a small amount of water).  These are the only two ingredients in this particular liquid form.

My doctor did also suggest that I stay away from D2 (which was the form of D in the prescribed medicine) and that I try to find a D3 I could take.  This is in the event for any reason the bad reaction to the prescribed 50,000 iu dose was to the D.  Most of the supplements you will find in health food stores in the liquid form are D3 (the one I am taking is 5,000 ius per drop).

My doctor wanted me to aim for finding a supplement that would provide app. 4,000 ius per day.  I would suggest first paring down and trying supplements that contain as few ingredients as possible (preferably D3 if you had a bad reaction to D2).  

If, for example, like me, you still have untoward effects, consider whether you are allergic to either the D source or the filler.  If, for example, you have a bad reaction to a liquid form that is just D3 in olive oil (and you have never had a bad reaction to olive oil), consider the source of the D3 (which is usually lanolin from wool).  Maybe then you could try a small amount of D2 if the source is not from wool.

Also, consider having a D-1,25 test that I referenced in a prior posting.  If this level is high and the normal D 25 test low, it could explain why you are having a bad reaction to the D.

Unfortunately, to figure it all out requires a process of trial and error (and in my case, allergy testing).  Hopefully you have a store in your area that will take returns (as mine does) on supplements to which you have had a bad reaction!  

Specifically, for your information, the drops I am currently trying are Carlson DDrops.  I also recently received some samples from VitalChoice of their 2,000 iu vitamin D3 that are in Sockeye Salmon oil I want to try.

All my best wishes for good health and luck!!!

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I am allergic to vitamine d and have allergic rhynitis
what can i take as a supplement to replace the  vitamine d
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wow, this has been enlightening! thanks all.
When I was young I had some over exposure to the sun, on vacation, cloudy day at the beach all day, severe sunburn. Not only did I burn and peel, I had hives all over. Ever since then exposure to the sun without sunscreen caused hives on any exposed area.  My mom is also allergic to the sun. and Has thyroid problems, they cant seem to find any thyroid problems although I belive it may be low borderline type.

So the combination of now being allergic to the sun and allergic to sulfites due to asthma medications, at the time they used it on salads, seafood, wine and beer to  prevent browning, meant not great for living in Hawaii or California.

Now I live in VA and work all day in windowless room, with low lights, so I figured my body was used to sun and this winter was pretty bad and so I started to take vitamin D. All of a sudden I started to get hives at night, and one weekend I forgot ot take my claritin and my face swelled and I had that tight chest feeling. Well I was thinking of my symptoms and realized if I was allergic to the sun (10 minutes can give me rash) then I might be allergic to Vit. D as well (and come to find out Vitamin B too).

I wasnt 100% sure though since I wasnt sure if the symptoms were what I was experiencing. Same symptoms when I ate anything with sulfites, but usually immediate, within 15 minutes.  These symptoms came out only at night before bed or while I slept. hives on arms, hips, stomach usually.

I suspected the vit. D cause it stays in the fatty tissue and is used by the body when there isnt any sunlight.
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There are so many manufacturers of Vit.D. Read the label of the D3! Some say soy, etc. You just may be allergic to another ingredient in the pill and not the vitamin. I'm allergic to soy and I can't eat wheat,orange,corn(corn syrup),yeast etc. Therefore I'm extremely careful reading the ingredients on the labels.
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I think we are all in a state of resistance to vitamin d! I think we are so deficient  our body is resisting !
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HELP!! I am also having an allergic reaction to Vit. D. I was diagnosed with a vit. d deficiency about 3 wks ago. Of course my dr. called out a prescription for the 50,000 d2 -- which I did not want to take. I guess it's a good thing b/c I am having a pretty bad reaction to a smaller dose. I am taking 7,000 IU's a day of an over the counter vit d from Sam's -- name brand is Member's Mark. I've been taking 2,000 in am and 5,000 in pm. Right from the beginning I had a bad reaction but felt that I needed to continue taking it b/c my vit d level was 14. My chest was tight and I just felt bad -- dizzy etc.! It has seemed to get better so I just assumed that my body needed to get used to it. Well, I was wrong!! Last night I started to feel worse. Very tight in my chest and itching all over -- which I treated with benadryl and an inhaler. Today it is some better but still feeling bad and itching. I called the phone # on the bottle and they told me that the d3 is from lanolin! I would never have thought of that!!

I guess my questions now are: what other ingredients should I stay away from (soy??) and what form of d should I try now??? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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Hey there!

Glad to know I'm not nutso!

In the past I have not had any reactions to vitamin D3.  However, this winter I had fevers each day I took a vitamin D supplement.  A week later I ended up with pneumonia.  I immediately suspected the vitamin D, but was quickly written off by doctors.  Then, as I started using a tanning bed, I started having awful joint pain.  It started in my feet and worked it's way up into every joint.  I stopped tanning, but found myself swelling even in the sun.  So, I started avoiding the sun and the symptoms went away.  However, I was recently tested and it shows that I am very deficient.  My current Dr. had me try a pharmaceutical grade, but within two days the pain had gone from the feet to the hips.  Since then, my Dr. believes me and I have avoided it in supplement form and sun exposure.  

I have just started researching this, but I am finding that malnourishment (that is common with Celiac and gluten sesitivities and other intestinal issues), primary hyperparathyroidism, sarcoidosis (and other granulomatous diseases), ans some cancers can cause this reaction.  

I have since gone gluten free and dairy free, which has improved my health significantly, but I have yet to try any high doses of D2 or D3.   I have been taking a thryoid support supplement that contains small doses of D3 and I haven't seen a problem yet.  Hoping and Praying that I can soon use the vitamin D3 supplements soon! :)

Hope this info is helpful to someone!
You are correct about the hyperthyroidism being an underlying condition.I have recently been diagnosed with Graves disease.  Now all of the allergic reaction to vitamin D stuff is happening to me. It's awful, the reaction is exactly how you described it in your post.
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I take a combined calcium/Vit. D and have no problems with it.
But I do burn easily in the Australia sun even when it is only 23 Celius and our summer temperatures hit 44 Celcius so I 'cover up' and use sunscreen.
Great remedy for sunburn is the natural Aloe Vera Plant (home grown)...its a miracle cure when rubbed over the sunburn.
I had a bad bout of sunburn last summer on my face and used it and the next morning the redness was gone. I swear by it.
I grow Aloe Vera and use it for everything...forget the chemist creams!
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