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back on zyprexa

I had to take a zyprexa tonite.I could feel myself going manic with ugly little psychotic thoughts and horrible nightmares lastnight.its ok I am one day away for RAI.
Today has been the worst for my hypohell.O keep telling myself you canmake it.you are almost there.but I told my husband If I have to another RaI I am going to take off and disappear during hypohell and not come back till it was over.I work in a very noisy building  and I tell you it just about did my last nerve in to be at work today.
You know this really bites being bi polar and thyroidless.I am still asking myself was I bi polar with thyroid problem or thyroid problem that made me bi polar.I would like to get over the question but I think it will bug me for a long time.
So my friends one day away from the big glow.I am feeling pretty bad tonite.But it wont be long now By this weekend I will be feeling ever so much better.Tehn here comes my long weekedn at the ozarks alone with my hubby Life really is good or it will be
Love venora
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Hang in there sis!  It's going to be better soon.

I can't know what it feels like being bipolar but I was with my daughter when she went through some of her worst manic spells.  Deep breaths!!!

HUGS and LOVE!!!!
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I am so proud of you .. you knew you saw some signs and took action .. WTG .... Takes a strong person to not be in denial ... and strong you certainly are in my book!!!!

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The worst is almost over...just a few more hours of waiting til you glow!!! RAI is nothing compared to the LID and hypohell.  Do you have to stay in the hospital at all or can you go home?  I went home and stayed isolated for 48 hrs.  Then I went out and had a HUGE steak dinner with lots of butter and sour cream on the potato!!!  It was the best meal I had in my entire life. What do you have planned for your first meal...cause I know you've been thinking about it...huh????
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prime rib the biggest oine I can get.lolThanks guys.
Love Venora
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Now I thought that I was alone. I guess when U feel like this it is easy to think that. I'm going on 2days of no sleep because the doctors gave me a type of zyprexa, and I'm scared to take it. I only started with have because it was 300mgs. I weigh 123pounds, and have a hard time eatting. I think food is gross and do not have an appite for it. I walk around the store and get antsy. Like I'm going to fall into someone or worse punch someone cause they are not fast enough.
When I was diagnoised my tsh levels were at 147. Now i don't know if it is safe for me to take this because the other night I crashed hard then it was like I quit breathing. I woke up like someone shoke me, I had to catch my breathand i was lost. I really did not know what to do or what happened. All I know is just 1/2 or even a 1/4 of these meds make me sleep forever. I have kids I can't function like this. It is not fair to anyone to live with me.
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Dont be afraid of the zyprexa. Zyprexa does not make you gain weight. the intake of more calories than you use is what you makes you gain. weight.
I did initially gain weight when I first stated the zyprexa but I have since lost what I gained and I am continuing to loose more with healthy diet.30 mins a day exercise
Take your thyroid med in the AM when you wake up. wait at least 4 hours before taking any other meds. Take the zyprexa at night before you go to bed.
try do get into the same routine every night.
Do you mind me asking what your diagnosis is for to be taking the zyprexa? It is a mood stabilizer. I am bi polar so I also take celexa for the depression side of bi polar.
Message me if you need to talk some more. I will be more than happy to share my med experience with you.
You might wnat to check out the dperession or the bi polar forum. I am not a doc but from the tone of your post you sound very depressed.  too much mood stabilizer will swing you to the depression side and with high tsh you dont need that either.
Feel better soon.
Love Venora
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bumping this up
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