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bloated stomach

I have had a thyroid problem for  15years now .It started with hyper  had iodine treatment now have hypo. I was 125 pounds a year ago ,now 200 plus pounds and my stomach is very bloated. People ask me all the time how many month pregnant I am. It is really makes mad. I don't know what to do? I don't even eat that much  . It is hard to exsercise   because I am always tired  and weak .I feel hopeless like I never going to be the happy ,energetic reasonable size person I use to be !!!!!

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I too had RAI last July and i bloat alot , pasta ,bread makes me worst , I stil eat gluten but cut down wheat !! also got my hair tested and found out my digestive system wasnt working properly so my belly wasnt right , not saying you have the same as me but maybe worth doing to find out why you are bloating so much, take it you are underactive now ? its hard to get the right balance but you will get there do re search and try herbal Vits , I would rec a multi Vit for your energy levels .....gdluck
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Please post whatever thyroid test results you have, along with reference ranges shown on the lab report, so that members can assess the adequacy of testing and treatment.

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same case here, i had heavy bleeding since past 6 months, & last week I was diagonised for hypothroid. I too feel the same way as you feel.
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