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blood sugar rising, hormone levels off

Hi, at my  doctors appointment  last week, my Md told me that I also have PCOS along with hypothroid.  I was put on the birth control IC Microgestrin FE 1-20 and the directions said to start the pill on the day I get my period?  All other birth control pills you start after your period is over, whats going on, is it because of the progestrin?  Ahh im so confused please help
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So many women with hypothyroidism, also have PCOS.  Myself included.  I found progesterone cream and Metformin ER has helped with the PCOS symptoms.  Many of us with PCOS have low progesterone levels.  Progesterone cream helps to raise levels and it also helps to balance the thyroid.

Metformin ER can help with the elevated glucose, insulin, and testosterone levels.
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I am not sure why you are taking it a week later, I always was told same day you start your period??? I have PCOS as well. I have been miserable on yaz so I stopped it. Good luck, hopefully it will help you.
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