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blood tests

I have had blood test done (i live in France) i have Hasimotes and from my last blood test th
is showed so my doc put me on 75 one day and 100 the next day and so on , i have just had another blood test my last one was 26-10-2012
this one is 21-01-13 This is the result :-

Auto-anticorps antithyroperoxdase
titre en Ul/ml .......41 .......(threshold  34)

Auto- anticorps antithyroglobuline
titre en Ul/ml.......................<115 Ul/ml     (threshold  115)

*T3 libre (FT3).....................3,6..pmol/L (Nles 3.95a 6,8 )   Threshold   2.3  ng/dl
Technique EIA Modular E170 ROCH

*T4 libre (FT4).....................16,6  pmol/l  (Nles  12,0 a 22,0)  Threshold  1.28 ng/dl
Technique EIA Modular E170 ROCH

*TSH  ultra -sensible ...........0,54  uUl/ml    (Nles 2,27  a    4,20 )    (    This was  0,19  on the  26/10/2012 )

Can anyone tell me what these mean , and any ideas what amount of tablet i should be taking .
I did say i would report back when i had my next blood test .

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Once you have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's, there is no need to continue to test for the thyroid antibodies.  Regarding your other tests, the most important is Free T3.  My interpretation is that your Free T3 is too low in the range for most hypo patients to avoid hypo symptoms.  I'm not real clear on what threshold means for that test.  Your Free T4 test is just below the middle of the range, which is usually adequate.  

If you are still having hypo symptoms, then you need to increase your Free T3 level as necessary to relieve symptoms.  Your Free T3 is much lower in its range compared to your Free T4 and its range.  This indicates you are not adequately converting the T4 to T3, so just increasing your T4 med is not likely to work for you.  The best approach would be to add a source of T3 to your meds.

Please tell us about any symptoms your are having.  Also, I suggest that for future testing, you should also request to be tested for Vitamin D, B12 and ferritin.  Hypo patients are  alsofrequently too low in the range for these important areas.
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Thanks for your response , my symtoms are :-
i have soreness on the side below your breast when i press on my ribs
also soreness on my hips to press and also on the outerside of my thigh
My muscles are sore to touch , my knee and back have started to bother me to , i don;t get tired , i do sweat but as i am 56 it could be the menopause , i have had a scan done on my thryoid gland and was told it is so small it's finished .
I also have a fatty liver and pancreas .
I take selium with A C & E,  Vit D with calcuim , probiotics , Q10 and just started taking Triphala .
I have green smoothie at least twice a week and sometimes lemon olive oil and water , i eat healthy .

Thanks again

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Not sure I would want to bet that your symptoms are all due to thyroid levels; however, I think you should discuss with your doctor adding to your meds a source of T3 adequate to raise your Free T3 toward the middle of the range, and evaluate the effect on how you feel.  In addition, I suggest that you should test for Vitamin D, B12, magnesium, ferritin, and a full iron test panel.  Also would be good to test for calcium.
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