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blood type diet says O- has more thyroid problems are we all type O-??

per the blood type diet says O- people have more problems with thyroid mostly hypo. i was wondering how many of us are O-   i am.  there are certain foods we should eat and some we should not eat.  any opinions about this theory?  thank you
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I don't know what my blood type is; nor do I know much about the blood type diet.  I know there are some on it.  

No matter what your blood type, there are always certain things we should and should not eat; for instance, we should not eat refined sugar, etc, but we should eat lean proteins, dairy, whole grains, etc -- unless, you have an allergy that prevents you from eating certain foods.

I'm sure someone will chime in on this particular diet.
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I don't believe in the blood group diet, never worked for me when I did try it!

I am O+ but I know that there are people with all the variations of blood types with thyroid disease.
I have had severe Hashimoto's and Hurthle Cell adenoma, and  Follicular adenoma.  Still suffering 3 years later from surgery to get my levels right. Thyroid disease is a hormonal one and I fail to see how blood type can alter this.
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I am A+ with Graves Disease .
My Graves is hereditary.

My younger Sister is Hashi's and she is A+ too.
I also have an older Sister with Graves and A+.

Our Graves is 'The Luck Of The Irish" lol.

Graves is well known with people of Irish descent.
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I dont know much about the blood type diet but I have hashi's and I'm A+.  Hashis and hypo are both hereditary in my family and none of us are O-.  All A and B blood types in my family.  

I agree with redheadaussie, thyroid disease is all to do with hormones, I'm not entirely sure how blood types affects this.  I would have an open mind if some proof did come out about it though, but it would have to be pretty solid to convince me.  
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I am a+ and have hypothyroid , seems by your answers not an o- in the bunch of us, more a+, also when you listen to video on what blood type diet founder says a's should eat he suggests all should be vegitarians with alot of soy, but soy is supposed to be bad to eat alot of with thyroid. All I am saying is we have to be careful to watch our health and do what is right for the individual, and not blanket be put in a group due to blood type.
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Gees if I had SOY...I wouldve been dead by now if I had followed the blood diet .....lol as I WAS HYPERTHYROID lol.
So you cant always believe what you read.
Proof in the pudding....hey?

Thats interesting considering I have Graves and soy is a no-no for me.
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Geez, I'd be very sick if  I had soy like I supposedly should because Im a A blood type, I have a soy allergy!!  hahah....so blood type diets probably arent best for me!!!  
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thank you all so much for your answers.  i am going to try it and have made some changes already.  will let you know how it goes. very interesting answers--  my dtr is a pos.  hoping she doesn t get the CFTS.   whenever i get a new symptom i call it my cfts.   crazy freaking thyroid sh^^.   one day my socks kept falling down for no reason and i deemed it my cfts  ha ha  got to keep laughing or we re dead in the water!!!!!!
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CFTS - I love it!!!!!!  Great way to describe it!!
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Oh, by the way, in regards to my last post, I love the term CFTS not the thyroid sh^^ itself!!!
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i am AB+
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I'm O- too! I haven't read much into the blood type diet though!
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I’m O neg and I have thyroid problems. My mom and her sister are O neg and they have Hashimoto
You've attached to a very old thread and none of the previous posters are active on the forum at this time.  It's unlikely any of them will respond to your comments.

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