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brainfog & gastroparesis, why???

I am 21 years old, male  

About three monthes (march,2008) i was diagnoised with gastroparesis after suffering three monthes with nausea,,  etc.symptoms (ie, since december 2007)

but i think i had brainfog-like feeling since mid 2007, but not severe, ( around this time i sometimes felt my body is really itchy, woke up at middle of night , so i thought it was sleep disturbance that cause the brain fog)
whenever i had those feelings i went to bed and sleep for about an hour or two , then i was back normal.

but since the gastroparesis has developed(december 2007), brainfog became chronic, 24 hours. like i am in dreams.
now for six monthes i am suffering from brainfog and gastroparesis( lucky nausea went away, but still.....other stuffs)

ALL blood test comes out normal(full scale blood test including TSH), Brain MRI (normal) and ect.( abdomin CT scan, ultrasound, gastroscopy, barium meal)
but gastric emptying test was abnormal(delayed gastric emptying)

I doubt that i might have some hormone problems ,,, may be thyroid problem.
why???  both brainfog and gastroparesis can be caused by hormone problems hyperthyroidism. and i had very similar symptoms of hyperthyroidism.

my question is this ,,,  
1. does normal TSH always mean my throid hormone level is normal??
2. can there be other possible hormone problems other then TSH?
3. any other possibilities???

here are my symptoms
-weigh loss ,about 7kilos
-brain fog -severe
-intolerence to cold
-indigestion when i am sitting or standing , but much better when i am lying down (very odd)
-hiccup for few hours whenever i eat something but still feeling food is stuck

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question 1 - NO - "normal levels ' does not indicate normal for you
question 2 -YES - and TSH is not the only test to check thyroid function
question 3 -YES... always - If you do not feel good and are having problems many things could be causing this. Your symptoms are so wide range that only further testing on other fuctions is the only way to go ----along with getting more thyroid tests.
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I have a lot of the same problems, one of the best things that helped with the brain fog, was I got allergy testing done, and really cut back on the foods I'm allergic to and got a lot of those foods out of my diet.  I would suggest to anyone to get the allergy testing done, and really cut back on the sweets because it stimulates the candida in the body.  I highly recommend the the book:  The Yeast Syndrome.   It has helped me tremendously and helped to answer so many questions about our bodies, and what sugar does to us.
There has been nothing that has helped me more than the Bible:  Daniel 1:12-16.  Danile told the people who were sickly to eat pulse (vegetables) for ten days and it would help  them to look and feel better.  I do this cleansing several times a year and NOTHING is better than it!  I eat all types of vegetables (cooked and raw) and I include cooked beans.  no breads at all.  God will help us.
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Very good comment about the biblical diet. I have and still dabble a bit with it and it does cleanse the boy very well.

So many diets mock this same approach - but of course mentioning the bible at times becomes a little controversal.

I totally agree. eating a simple diet is extremely good for anyone and the less additives and processed food we take in the better the body responds.

I noticed a huge difference with my health after I stopped eating pork 5 mths ago. Just that one change has helped me feel better.
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Revisit your most recent blood labs and see if you can find your calcium levels...If they are even slightly high (even in upper end of scale) have a parathyroid hormone level checked (PTH)...This may be from an elevated calcium level (ionized calcium). Even though it may not be from hyperparathyroidism, it can be caused by something else...
Try investigating from that angle...Good luck...
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Another thought...Look into vitamin B deficiencies...If the body develops a poor absorption of these and become deficient (especially in B-1,6, and 12) it can cause all kinds of problems, including those you listed...Hope this helps....
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