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when does thyroid cancer happens and how? i'm thyroid patient. and i want to know how thyroid cancer is happens.
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Hello again. :-)

Doctors don't know why cancer happens.

Thyroid cancer usually starts in nodules that grow on the thyroid, but sometimes it grows inside the thyroid. Doctors do not understand why it happens. A thyroid ultrasound is often the first test in finding thyroid cancer.

Most people who have thyroid problems do not ever get thyroid cancer.

Does that help?
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So there are no symptoms? No way to know, only by ultrasound? Hum, I always thought it would go way out of whack to let you know something was going on.
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There are theories.  Most of them are linked to Radiation/x-ray exposure.  No one knows why one person who's exposed gets thyroid cancer, and one does not.  Even people who have had no expose can get throid cancer.  It's just not definitive.
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I found out through ultrasound then FNA.I had no problems showing in blood work.
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i'm a thyroid patient.how can i know that i have cancer or not?
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My bloodwork showed normal thyroid hormone function.  The only "symptom" I had was a lump in my neck.  I had no exposure to radiation or family history.  I try not to get too caught up in the "why" of this whole thing and just focus my energy on getting rid of it!
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The way cancer is found is this;

The doctor feels your thyroid and if it feels odd to the doctor, he (or she) will order a thyroid ultrasound test.

It is the same kind of test they do for pregnant women, to see the baby inside the Mother. It makes a video (movie) of what is inside by using sound waves.

Only they do it on your throat.

Then someone looks at the video and they make a report that tells how big the thyroid is, how firm it is, if any goiters or nodules are seen, what the nodules are like, if there are any hard or soft spots inside the thyroid. Anything that is not normal is noted, and if the person writing the report thinks any of it looks like it might be cancer, they recommend more testing.

I don't know what they call an ultrasound in India, but I'm sure they can do that test.
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