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cancerous lump?

so ever since i was a teenager my neck below my chin has always been swollen. it almost looks like i have no chin. i have been feeling tired (beyonf tired) have had swollen ankles 24/7, lots of hormone changes in mood. i feel like im 100 years old to be exact. im only 24 i eat very healthy and im fairly active when i have the energy. recent i seen a thyroid specialist because i was in for a rapid heart rate. my heart was at 140 bpm just sitting. i waited 9 hours in the hospitasl they had me sitting and my heart rate bearly decreased. i had an ultra sound they found a lump thats 2 cm on my left side near the front. they told me my lymph nodes are swollen and im really worried this may be cancerous. im waiting for the results. will they know if its cancerous by the results or will they need a biopsy?
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They will need to do a biopsy in order to determine definitively, whether or not you  have cancer.  Was the lump on your thyroid or just in your neck?

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