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can't lose weight

I have been diagnosed with a goiter and 2 nodules that are greater than 1cm..Preliminary results show no cancer and my thyroid function appears normal at .65...Beyond the full neck and noticeable goiter I have been unable to lose weight and gain weight very easily. When I say unable to lose weight trust me I hired a personal trainer and worked out 5-6 days a week as well as kept a weekly diary following popular weight loss programs like The Fat Smash Diet and Weight Watchers...I was told I must be doing something wrong when I know that I wasnt. I just saw another endo the other day who told me that it is a "great mystery" why people with goiters have a hard time losing weight. He also recommended a diabetic diet. I REALLY need to lose this excess weight and I am So frustrated because I have been dedicated to a healthy eating/diet but the weight does not go away.. I have heard that sugar of any kind is bad..(even in fruits)..Has anyone had any success.. I get another thyroid scan in two weeks.
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Well, if it makes you feel any better, I have been doing this dance for over 1 year. I was going to a trainer 5 days a week, ran a marathon in Oct and blew out my adrenals. I have been diagnosed with hypothyroid, been put on meds, still not losing weight. Hired a nutritionist, not eating any sugar and very low carb, still no weight loss. She has no idea what is happening, so I went to an Applied Kinesologist, have been off gluten and casein (protein in dairy milk) for 40 days, still no loss. I know we are getting closer to a solution, but my gosh, I feel for you. If you find out some answers, please let me know. I am going to my doc on Wed this week, with a list of questions.
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(I may have hypothyroid and I have weight issues.)  I read something about those with hypothyroid issues having water and salt gain rather than usual weight gain, but it can look the same.

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For some weight loss is a "great mystery" - every day people ask here.

But..........Do you have any lingering hypo symptoms that suggest you are not at YOUR proper thyroid hormone levels regardless of the doc saying you are in 'range'.

The range is average for all people, with a lot of leaning on the hyposide for many.

Are there foods that slow your digestive function? This is hard to follow given the typical American meal of mixing all foods. What I'm leaning to is food intolerances that can make people gain - other ill symptoms will be there too though.
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