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chitchat.....kidney stones

I saw you mention you have had kidney stones. I havent met anyone else whos had them that wasnt 80 years old. :-)
I had a 7mm in the right kidney. Did the sonic blast dance ( ugh! wont do that again!!)
Had a 9mm in the left. Had retrieval surgery for that boulder and a stint put in for 10 days. Talk about PAIN! The stint was worse then the stone.

Pulled a muscle in my back 3 years ago. They thought it might be a stone so they did the IVP and found a small 2mm ticking time bomb in the left kidney. So far so good. That little baby hasnt blown up on me.
I drink so much water I slosh when I walk. My body doesnt process calcium like it should ,hence the quary mine in the kidneys. Cant take any meds because of....whatever reason they gave. So I drink and drink....sigh...and drink.

So whats the story of your quary mine? :-)

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which they found on an IVP when they went in to rule out cancer bcz of atypical urine cells in the urine!  All was NOT cancer .. the inflammation is from stones sitting in deep inside the kidneys medullary area (in a sponge so as to say).

I passed a 4mm one 12 days thyroid post op!!! OUCH .... and then recently was in the ER with shear blood and pain and turns out I passed a truckload and am only left with one, 2mm stone midpole!!! YIPPEE!!!!

Mine have been too small to shrink.

The reason you cannot take add'l calcium w/o an ok from your Uro is probably you produce calcium oxalate stones like me .. also foods high in oxalates may be on the no no list for you?

MSK a person is born with and usually never discovered unless a person goes stoney like me and they do an IVP with contrast.  The tubules are not proper and they flare and cause urine to pool and, thus, stone production.

Have they ruled MSK out with you?  My metabollic studies are all normal.  

STONES .. ugh!!!!  My gallbladder woes started with prego #3 and #4 and so far have been quiet but definite stones showed up on the last 2 CT scans done for the kidney stones.

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I tell ya! The lipsotripsy isnt all its cracked up to be. Was told after the "procedure" that as soon as I could drink, pee and walk I could leave. Couple of hours....no big deal. HA! My kidney went " Hey now! your gonna pay for that!!" Blood pressure bottomed out and I wasnt let go for almost 13 hours.
36 hours later was headed back to the ER.again. Was hooked up to a morphine drip for 2 days until I passed the Ooops stone they left behind. Had blood in my urine for 2 weeks and for a good month any time I moved my kidney went "helloooo remember me??"

The dr told me all the gory details about my "condition" while I was blitzed on pain meds while he took the stint out. Dont remember much. Did have to collect urine for 24 hours and that showed the calcium problem.

All I know is I dont urinate enough, dont sweat enough and I have to drink TONS!
Im not allowed grapefruit ( which I love! ) and to increase salt during the summer months.

Both stones came in early august 3 years apart...almost to the day. Now every year I do a little happy dance once that date is past. Woohooo no stones this year. Dumb I know but its the little things in life!

I havent ever had a gall stone....will do just fine without them thank you very much!
So you also have a ticking time bomb. Aint life just a kick in the pants?? :-)

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As bad as the tinfoil jokes are I have a stone joke ..... "If only I could sell on E-Bay all  the stones I produce I'd be a millionaire by now!!!! "

They tell me that lithotripsy would only break down stones and leave them to pass the size of my largest stone was at the time!!

I had that awful pain and blood from a 1mm stone stuck in the ureter on the way down and it was very low .. had renal colic, blood, infection and the whole works for about a week and the CT Scan proved that 1mm can cause as much pain as a 10mm LOL (well, not so funny, eh?)


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I happened to find information on the parathyroid.com about the correlation of kidney stones, high calcium levels, and Hyperparathyrodism. Check it out!

Hyperparathyroidism is also known as "moans, groans, stones, and bones."

The symptoms:
Loss of energy. Don't feel like doing much. Tired all the time.
Just don't feel well; don't quite feel normal. Hard to explain but just feel kind of bad.
Feel old. Don't have the interest in things that you used to.
Can't concentrate, or can't keep your concentration like in the past.
Osteoporosis and Osteopenia.
Bones hurt; typically it's bones in the legs and arms but can be most bones.
Don't sleep like you used to. Wake up in middle of night. Trouble getting to sleep.
Tired during the day and frequently feellike you want to nap.
Spouse claims you are more irritable and harder to get along with.
Forget simple things that you used to remember very easily.
Gastric acid reflux; heartburn; GERD.
Decrease in sex drive.
Thinning hair.
Kidney stones.
High blood pressure
Recurrent headaches
Heart palpitations.
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Passed one kidney stone, don't know how big it was, but do know it felt like a 10-ton boulder!  Did the whole gall bladder thing.  Started having attacks when I was about 14, but the didn't get bad until after had my son.  And then WOWIE WOW!!!!  Had to crawl through my house!  Had it removed when son was 5-wks old.  Now just have to deal with all the lovely bile dumping!

You know, we're not a very healthy lot in general, are we? :(

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no apparently we are not a very healthy lot in general are we LOL...gotta laugh or we will just cry!
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ask for the smaller stint.  My stepdaughter was a new person.
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