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congenital hypothyroidism

my baby was born with TSH high, she has underdeveloped thyroid gland, we started her on 25mcg tablet... after a month her TSH was normal but FT4 high, so our doctor advised us to reduce her dosage to 12.5 mcg. she is 4 months old now, recent blood test done shows - TSH - 26.11 (normal 0.25- 5.0 )
                                                                             Ft4 - 13.87    (normal 9.0-20)
                                                                    total t4 -   110.88    ( 60-120)
our doctor told us continue with the 12.5 dosage, since ft4 and total t4 are normal not to worry about it..
   we consulted another paediatric endocrinologist and he says to increase the dosage...
  we are confused now whom to follow.. please advise
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For adults, we often say that FT4 ought to be about midrange.  Babies, however, run higher levels of FT4 than adults.  The FT4 range you provide doesn't appear to be age-adjusted (it looks like an adult range).  Perhaps your pedi endo is adfvising you to increase because he knows babies should have higher levels???  Also, her TSH is quite high, and this usually indicates that a meds increase is in order.

If I were you, I'd ask both doctor's for the rationale for their recommendations.
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Since a human  body only ultimately uses Free T3 hormone.  I would encourage you to ask and get a free T3 test done as well.  This you can also use to compare adjustments in medication dosages.
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