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constipation & bloating & tummy pressure

   I became constipated again last week ( this seems to worsen the closer to my monthly visits). On saturday I took something to help. well it helped over nite but I still feel the bloating and pressure. I could pass for being AT LEAST 6 mths prego now! So frsutrating because I had a tiny tummy before surgery!
   Anyhow I got thinking about how (in hypo phase) digestive tracts & muscles don't contract normally therefore our food is not pushed through properly, I'm assuming this would leave a build up somewhere in there but where? The liver? Is that why I feel the tummy pressure higher up now than before? I have the pressure just under the breast area.

   Would it be safe to do a liver cleanse? Maybe there's such a build up of yuk just watiting to be squeezed out?!!!!! Maybe once the yuk is out I will function properly in that area? Does anyone know if this would affect the absorbtion of my levoxyl? Any help  or comments suggesting a remedy would be greatly appreciated.

   So much to learn- so little brain power!

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and I get it bad 3 days b4 my monthlies as those hormones then kick in, too and sluggish things down.

My constipation is thyroid related .. now doubt about it.  When hypo it gets worse and when in better #'s it is much better.  I have noted this by the am't of laxative I have needed to take .. 1/2 dosage the past 6 weeks since TSH is below 2.0 and double the dosage when it 3.9 and on Synthroid so who knows how high it was before that bloodtest to cause the constipation to flare.

I take MIRALAX and it is now over the counter and very gentle and works wonders.

The pressure I think is from the gas, stool, etc. pushing up and next will be reflux ???

Don't know on the liver purge .. I'm afraid bcz I have gallstones and won't do that with kidney stones, either .. mine are asymptomatic at the moment and I ain't touching them .. I may be in worse trouble if they move around.

I'm on the fence with those purges.

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Pressure or pain at the breast bone (sternum) could be reflux (GERD), heartburn. I had reflux long before I was diagnosed as being hypo. I've often wondered if the hypo made it worse!!!  You might try Pecid AC or Zantac (both otc) to see if they help with the pressure at the breastbone. I take a prescription PPI (prevacid). I usually take it an hour ro two after the thyroid med. MD said it's ok. -- Constipation is a symptom of hypo! You might need an increase/adjustment in your thyroid med dosage if you're getting hypo symptoms (like constipation). Why not check with your MD or get your TSH checked. - Also, for what it's worth, metamucil capsules have helped me, but you have to take them a fews after the thyroid med.  - Don't know anything about the liver purge, but doubt it is the answer.
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