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I am trying to eat the right food so the iodine treatment will work, I would appreciate any suggestions from anyone, on the brands of foods I can buy that fit into this diet...I am desperatl;y looking there seems to be almost nothing you can buy that is right for this treatment.  I have a goiter and need the salt free diet and cookbook...i cannot find the link..If anyone has any information I would greatly appreciate it...
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Oh yes, and the big thing is you can use regular salt...sodium cloride, but no sea salt or iodized salt.  Remeber it is a low iodine not a NO iodine diet.
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Go to Thyca.org.  They have a great cook book, sound advice, and lists of things you should and should not eat as well as stuff in food to avoid.  Best advice is no fish or anything from the ocean (certain additives are made of seaweed).  Limit meats to small amounts and no sea salt or iodized salt.  I made several things ahead of time and froze them, worked well.  Potatoes without skin were a staple.  lots of veggies and fruits.
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