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could it be adrenal issues?

hi. i have hashi's for 12yrs.
lately i've been having foll symptoms:

low blood pressure (80/50 or 90/50)
low temp sometimes
extremely cold hands/feet
anxiety and (anger-impulsive feelings)

my height is 1.65 60kgs

could all these be symptoms of an adrenal issue?

or should i start looking into psychiatric medications?
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Hi there....a few questions for you...when did you have your most recent thyroid labs done? What were they with the ranges? Did you have ALL tests done? TSH, Free T3 and Free T4?
Are you on full replacement?
Have you had any cortisol testing done?
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hi laura,

i had tests done on september. she only does tsh and that was 2.40 (i live in greece).

she never does ft4 or ft3 or anything else. i had a thyroid u/s which showed no nodules.\
she has never mentioned cortisol testing and when i asked about antibodies she said tht it would be a waste of time and money. she has me on thyrormone 0.1 x 5 days.

what do y think?
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Well to put it bluntly...I think you need to find a doctor who understands thyroid and knows the proper tests to run.
Hashimoto's is quite common and IF you have this, then your TSH would need to be supressed to at least a .50-1.0 in order for you to feel well and your body to start to heal. This is per my endocrinologist who specializes in thyroid. And you should have the free t3 and free t4 test done as well to get a FULL picture of what is going on with your thyroid. The TSH shows pituitary function (messages sent to thyroid from pituitary), it doesn't show the thyroid hormones of t3 and t4. There are so many factors that come in to play with autoimmune.
As far as the adrenals are concerned: Take a very good B complex twice per day and a good ester C. Also you could try an adrenal support product from your local healthfood store if you have one....or order off-line.
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