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creditable info

I am looking for some creditable web sites or books on thyroid hormone replacement drugs. Looking for issues for and against. I am writing a paper for school. any info would be helpful.
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I am sure that GravesLady can give you creditable web sites and probably some books to.  You might post the comment to her and she is so great you can trust her answers.  Everybody on this forum is so kind and truthful and compassionate.  I can't help you but thought I would give you a direction to go.    linda
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The most informational site I have come across is about . com  - Mary Shoman is the guide and she is a patient as well as an advocate of thyroid disorders. She has a book called Living Well With Hypothyroidism.

I'm sure as Applecore said Graveslady would have a wealth of info as she has battled thyroid disorder for quite some time.

Best Wishes~
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Give the about thyroid .com site - Again this is by Mary Shomon. Very user friendly and creditable. Sign in as a user and get the newsletters. Great service offered!!

Thyroid .org also a valuable site. Plan on many hours of research - there is a ton of reading.

Good Luck
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Here are a few sites to look at. :)
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Here are citations for four books I've found to be helpful:

“Your thyroid: a home reference” (4th ed.) by Lawrence C. Wood, M.D., Ballantine Books, 2006.

“Thyroid for dummies” (2nd ed.) by Alan Rubin, M.D., Wiley Publishing, Inc., c2006.

“The Harvard Medical School guide to overcoming thyroid problems” by Jeffrey R. Garber, M.D., McGraw-Hill, c2005.

“Thyroid disorders: a Cleveland clinic guide” by Mario Skugor, M.D., Cleveland Clinic Press, 2006.

Just my thoughts...but I don't recommend the above mentioned person's books or websites.  They are filled with just too many anecdotal items, appearing to be real.
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Thank you all for taking the time to give me the info
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Here is another site you might find interesting.

It is more cutting edge, but I don't know if it would be considered acredited.
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AR - you are the walking cyber surfer for thyroid issues.

PhD - AR-10   nice ring to it.   LOL
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