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Has anyone experienced depression problems that have resulted in seeing a specialist?
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In a word YES! I had been ordered to go on anti-depressants but refused as years ago I had issues with them. I have been seeing a counsellor all this year so they don't think I will do myself in! I had been VERY hyper earlier this year and spoke to a psychiatric triage nurse who told me depression, anxiety, etc is VERY common in thyroid patients. Often the medication takes a long time to kick in and that is what causes the time delay in having the depression.  
  So not sure why you are asking. Do you have problems and now need to see a specialist? Or do you think you need to see one? What are your levels of TSH etc, do you know?
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I am concerned on reading your two questions.

Both depression and the weight as i said are very classic symptoms of being in a hypo state.

Where are your levels at?  Can you go into a bit more thyroid history on yourself? What labs can you post - and When was the last testing done?

To answer your question on a personal level. Yes I was referred to a therapist for my early anxiety and depression - but is was not sucessful.

For many this is a chemical imbalance in the brain when you are undertreated or have hypothyroidism. Now depending on the psych - you may get relief until you balance out with meds - but in my situation the psych I had was not authorized to prescribe meds and so he chalked all my problems up to mentally anquish (sp) like - bad marriage - hateful memories of my past and stress.

Funny........... thinking back I heard more of HIS life crises during my sessions then what I felt I was telling about myself.

Don't make judgement on me - but it was a useless treatment for me.

Getting balanced was what I needed to rid that stuff. ( read my journal on I though I was dying)

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I'm dealing with depression right now when my TSH level went to 56 and then down to 0.32 in a month's time.  I had anxiety also.  The anxiety is getting better but I still have the depression.  I did see a therapist two times but I did not like it.  My doctor has but me on Lexapro 10 mg and it has taken the edge off.  I'm going to see a Psych on Monday that can prescribe med's so will see what he has to say.  You have to find what works for you and be open minded.  I havr been told that this is a long road but it does get better.
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i have depression and see a pychicatrist (okay, i cant spell to save my life) and a therapist. i'm on celexa. I never really thought i was depressed, but one of my doctors incouraged me to go, so i went to a person on my college campus that refers people to the local pshycologist and she felt i should go, so i did...turns out i have major depression and PTSD. the meds help a  lot,. i hope everything works out for you.
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I was hyperT prior to surgery, and was VERY anxious and depressed during that time.  It seems the anxiety and depression never left with the nodule they removed!  My doctor has referred me to a psychiatrist as well as putting me on Ativan and Prozac.  I hope something starts working soon (I don't see the psych until the 11th).  Good luck to you, and please tell your doc if you're feeling depressed.  As you can see by the posts above, it's pretty commonplace in thyroid disease.
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