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Can a pre-diabetic be cured?
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So how to you turn it around?

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Eating a low glycemic diet (foods that do not spike the blood sugar, in turn spiking insulin levels), getting adequate exercise and losing weight (if overweight) will often/usually turn pre-diabetes around.  

Low glycemic foods are complex carbs that take longer for the stomach to digest; they include non starchy vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, low/now fat dairy, nuts, seeds, etc.  Eliminate simple carbs which break down very quickly; these include foods with sugar, white flour and all processed foods.  Even fruit has sugar, even though it's natural, so limit servings to just a couple/day and pair them with foods that take longer to digest, such as vegetables or whole grains.

While I haven't been able to lose the weight I'd like to lose, I've managed to get my blood sugar levels back under control and am working on the weight issue.  Exercise is very important, as well, since it, too, will help lower blood sugar levels.
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