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diotroxin dosage

I have been on eltroxin 150mcg for ten years and feel terrible.How much diotroxin is equal to my eltroxin dose
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Please let us know your test results and the ranges?  Do they test FT3/FT4, as well as TSH?

I am not sure what dose would be equivalent.  maybe the best person to ask would be your pharmacist.  It is usual to have to adjust doses slightly when changing from one brand to another.
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Please remember that Eltroxin only contains thyroxine (T4 hormone) at different strengths BUT Diotroxin contains thyroxine sodium 90 micrograms and liothyronine sodium 10 micrograms (T4 and T3 hormones). As far as I know Diotroxin comes in one strength only.

Please keep an eye on your T3 levels. Ask for them to be tested as well when you test your thyroid levels.

I used to take Eltroxin 100mcg 2 years ago and my dr switched me to Diotroxin and since then I have been battling to get my levels back to normal again ( TSH is very low < .01 (hyper) and FT4 is 10.3 (nearly hypo) ). To be honest, mostly I think because my gp is a bit ignorant when it comes to treating thyroid problems, they have never tested my T3 levels and I suspect they are on the high side. I am going for a test in a week's time because although I have hypo symptons at the moment , I also have a lot of hyper symptoms. The last test results 3 weeks ago suggested T3-hyperthyriod.
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