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doctor will not prescribe T3

I saw my doctor today regarding my thyroid levels and she has said that my recent ones are normal. This is despite me saying that my FT3 ought to be in the 5's and my FT4 ought to be in the 18s or 19s. She also refused to give me a trial period of T3 as she felt it was something my endocrinologist would need to do and now thinks that my symptoms are not those of hypothyroidism as my levels are now all normal. When I asked to have my medical certificate extended (as I have been very tired and feeling low) she asked me what for and I told her initially it was for the hypothyroidism. She said doctors do not sign patients off for hypothyroidism. I then went back on my answer and said that in the past I was also signed off for depression and anxiety (which I had always put down to the hypothyroidism but I did not relay this to her because I knew she would say "results are normal".) She then signed me off for 2 weeks and suggested I speak to another doctor in the practice about my symptoms, mainly the anxiety and depression ones. I feel like I am being seen as a crazy woman now and I am almost convincing myself that I am. Just what is it I am doing wrong? I even went to the appointment with every single print out of my lab results! Thank you :)

Hand tremor, one hand only
Eye pain
Dry skin that sloughs off after a shower and comes off in big flakes
White "cobblestone" areas on my skin
Red, flat, pinprick spots appearing on my skin, as if underneath my skin
Weight loss
Constipation, comes and goes
Spotting between periods
Heavy periods but have been lighter of late

I take 125mcg Levo a day.

Blood test results from May and June are below:


TSH - 5.01 normal range 0.2-4.2
FT4 - 18.7 normal range 12-22
FT3 - 5.2 normal range 3.1-6.8
Anti TPO antibodies - 52 normal range 0-34


TSH - 2.5 normal range 0.2-4.2
FT4 - 15.7 normal range 12-22
FT3 - 4.6 normal range 3.9-6.7

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This post is almost the same as one posted a few days ago with the same lab results, which contains several comments by myself and other members. It's against MedHelp's Terms of Use to repeatedly post the same content over and over.

I'm not sure how we could answer your questions differently than we already have.  

We do know that members in U.K. often have a very difficult time getting adequate treatment for thyroid conditions, due to NHS guidelines and often end up having to pay privately to get the treatment they need.

The other thread can be accessed via the following link:  

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I am sorry if I have posted the same question again, I will not come on here anymore.
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