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does Hashimoto's thyroiditis affect my voice and eyes?

I'm in my early 20s and I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. I had taken SSRI drugs for around 6 months as well. I guess it was not serious since the doctor said I don't need to take any medications and I just need to do biannual medical check-up.

But whenever I get tired, I tend to have a hoarse voice and even my family notice this and they tell me like "you must be tired now. you've got a bit of a frog in your throat."
I have lots of vision problems; my eyesight is getting bad and I have blurry & distorted vision problems. I also have serious photophobia symptoms, so I can't even open my eyes in the summer time while my friends have no problem with the sunlight. My eyes were really dark brown colours before but I can see my iris now and when I take a macro picture of my iris, the colour is not even; some spots are lighter comparatively. I really worry this because I feel like my eye colours are getting lighter as much as my photophobia symptoms getting worse (I'm not sure whether my iris is actually changing the colours or not. I just feel like this.)

does anyone know what relationship between my symptoms is or reasons?
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