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does keeping medicine refrigerated affect absorption?

I was keeping my NT refrigerated because my apartment was so so hot  (summer). I kept it that way for laziness I guess?

I increased my dose 11 weeks ago and I have been feeling like #[email protected]# since then. I am going to have blood work done this or next week and also see my dc.

I had some semi testing maybe a month ago (almost 8 weeks on new dose) and my TSH increased from 0.00 to 0.18, my FT4 went from 0.80 to above the upper range (not much though) no record of FT3.

Does keeping my NT in the refrigerator affect the absorption? I feel like I am not taking anything at all,(hypo, hypo) worse than before. I have lost half of my hair...no kidding.

Should I take it out?

I take my dose out the night before so it gets about 7 hours of home temperature (whatever this is.)
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You need to know the humidity in the fridge. If its more humid than the rest of your living space than you are not doing the med a favor.

I think modern freezers are better (the auto defrost ones are dry).
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I guess it is time to take them out then. I do not know the humidity in my refri, it is frost free though ( I do not keep meds in the freezer.)

I am assuming that during winter room temperature (with heat on) it is fine for meds.
I know high temperatures are bad for meds (no A/C.)

But it might also be bad to keep them refrigerated...did not know this...thanks!
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Have you felt good on the new formulated NT before?

Also, I think it is more humidy (moisture) that can affect the pills, but not sure?

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T4 med in Australia HAS to be kept in the fridge to be effective.
If kept at the side of the bed for the next morning...it states it can lose its potency.

Interesting about NT......
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The fact you keep it in the fridge is a good idea, as temperatures of extremes effect it.
Taking it out the night before and having it rise in temperature, you might as well not be taking it at all. It is a hormone and as such is reactive!

It isn't the humidity that effects it, it's the temperature. Sudden fluctations are the killer of that hormone.

Best to continue keeping it in the frideg and only take it out the next morning, and you will be back to happy land again once more very quickly as your body re-adjusts. Under no circumstances take double to make up the difference you had done recently!
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The condensation and re-refrigerating is the main cause of NT medicine losing its effectivness.
It IS sensitive and will lose its potency if condensation is building up on the tablets.

Is this a new lot of NT medicine? - A new script? - The dosages of NT lately seem to be different batch to batch for many patients and that could also be why you feel bad on this new script - vs - the others.

There not BIG differences, but as we know we react to any changes quite a bit so even the littlest change can sometimes put us back.

NT meds have always had issues with ratio differences but since the new change in formula batches adding in the MCC more and eliminating the dextrose as fillers the product seems to have a bit more inconsistancies than it used to.
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"The dosages of NT lately seem to be different batch to batch for many patients
and that could also be why you feel bad on this new script - vs - the others. ":

- Stella, please clarify. Are you talking about Nature Throid brand or all dessicated world wide including Erfa?

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Good stuff, I am learning.

Question: Is it the climate of certain locations that determines when the Rx needs to be refrigerated? Or is it a different formula than we get in the states?

I am wondering if I should be refrigerating my ERFA Canadian dessicated here in the States?
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It really comes down to your local wheather and house ambient temp and humidity plus use of house A/C ect.

You live in a humid state, but if the AC is on in the summer there is minimal humidity to effect meds.

Now if you were in the desert and didnt use AC, yes heat could be a problem, not humidity as there would be none.

The longer you have med sitting around (larger quantities) the eaisier its effected.  If you use a large bottle its best not to open it every day. Take out a few weeks worth or month at a time and reseal origional container (like a 500 quantity) in several zip lock bags.

And dont keep a container where sun hits it like on the kitchen counter. And humid bathrooms are not good either.

Lastly, Erfa can be shipped from several places depending on what Canadian sit you use. Some is direct from Canada and some is not- read the shipping lable.  I had some that came from a south pacific island - but it was in the origional sealed bottle. I wonder how hot the wherehouse was it sat in?
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I am confused.

Redhead says it is better to keep it refrigerated and take it out only the next morning.
Stella says that the re-refrigerating makes the med lose its effectivness.

Stella.- It is a new dose and I also had to order it from a different pharmacy. Are you suggesting that pills might vary from order to order?

Fuel.- I had started to feel much better when we thought with my doctor I had still room to increase because I still had some symptoms, but I was doing well. Then, a new dose, new pharmacy, and crashed. I only have (sometimes) some protein bars usually in the afternoon, far from my dose (some of them have iron.)  and probiotics at night.

I found this:  "you should always store your Nature-Throid or Westhroid at room temperature (15 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit to 86 degrees Fahrenheit)"

I took the medicine out of the refri. I guess it's at least 40 degrees in there.
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Peoples answeres were different becuase we are from different parts of the globe. 'Room temp' has different meanings.

Real hot temp Above 90 is bad for thyroid med and so is high humidity. Most refrigerators are humid. And if yours is not, moving med in and out of the fridge can cause condensation to build up- that is worse than humid air.

Rule off thumb: Keep bottles of smaller quantities below 90F in low humidity (40% or less) conditions away from sunlight.

It all depends how you control the heat and humidity in your living space (A/C in a house also removes humidity). If you lived in southern US with no AC, then I would say the fridge would be better for long term storage or even a frost free freezer..

I have purchased large quantities in the past and I take out one month supply at a time and put it in another smaller thyroid med container. Opening a container of 300-500 every day for 6 months cannot be good for it.

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In our climate in Australia, the research showed that BOTTLES of any thyroid medication, having been opened constantly will absorb condensation, not to mention grotty finger germs. Many people don't tip the bottle to get the tablet out rather, they will stick their finger in. Hence why here we now have blister packs where you can not touch any other tablets. It also avoids the condensation issue.

Our packs state that is ok to keep some out of refrigeration for up to 21 days PROVIDED the ambient temperature is NOT changable (meaning hot days with cool nights or cold days with heater going then cold nights) Even when they WERE in bottles it was advised the same.

Having said that, if the air temperature is constantly around 90F, then you need to keep them cool! Keep them in the refrigerator till the weather cools down, then you can continue doing what you were used to before the weather was hot. If you keep them in the lower part of the fridge ( this is the 'warmer' part of the cool part of the fridge..I know it's confusing!)

We get VERY humid summers here in Melbourne Australia, so my trick and of many other people's, is to buy some Dri-Pax and put them in the bottle, when in the fridge. Ask your pharmacist if they have a few to spare. Now we have blister packs, problem solved. Hopefully US will catch on and start blister packs soon. (see in my profile pics of what I am talking about)

Hope that clarifies it a bit better.
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