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dose of levothyroxine

Hi everyone, hope you're all doing well. I was diagnosed with Graves in '06. I was on a very small dose of anti thyroid med and went hypo quickly. I often wonder if i had Graves at all, or just the antibodies but was having a hyper flare of Hashi's instead.I always had pretty high tpo's.My first endo was an ***. Anyway, fast forward to today. I am on Levothyroxine now 25 mcgs, I went hypo by myself.My Mom died in May and that along with that dose made me go a little hyper,mostly from the stress (my trigger) I "felt" the rise anyway.  I tried every other day after that, that wasn't enough. I tried the 25 again for 8 weeks. The frees were the same, at the lower end of the range with a tsh of over 4.I realize I need more but am afraid of feeling hyper again.
  I don't feel great being hypo but not terrible either. I want to go to 50 but right now I'm trying 37.5. I cut a 50 in half, then cut  another one in half and take only half of that piece. Thus,37.5. I'm waiting for my endo to call, she's great and basically because I have Graves and Hashi's, she knows I'm a weird case.I don't know if she'll go for 37.5 though, she'll probably say try 50. Anybody on this weird dose?? I have heard people say they were before, some years ago before I was on this med. Thanks for any input.
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Thanks to both of you for responding. A few years back I was on Methimazole, which is an anti thyroid med, if you took one dose one day and another dose the next , you don't feel right,or skip days. I'm seeing that replacement is not like that, that's good. here's my results on 25 everyday.:
  FT4-1.12 (.80-1.80)
FT3-2.7 (2.3-4.2)
TPO antibodies- 3,379 (0.0-60.0) yes, very high, have been high even when diagnosed with Graves in "06 but not this high,I feel that it is from being hypo too long and over medicated on the Methimazole back then and still not right after going off it and on the 25 mcg of levothyroxine now.. My doc did call and she said "try 50" which she DID say at the start of this in February but  I went slightly hyper (for me) on this amount in April.(like I said in other post) I think it was probably stress related now.
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I agree with Sally, there's nothing wrong with alternating doses.  I alternated 50 mcg with 75 mcg for quite some time, to get 67.5; I've also alternated 75 and 100 for a period.  It's whatever you need to do to slowly get yourself to the point you need to be at.

Please post your actual test results, along with reference ranges which vary from lab to lab, so members can assess and further comment.
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the easiest way to get 37.5 is to take one whole 50 mcg pill one day and the next day just take half of that pill, ie. 25 mcg.  

Thyroixine has a very long 1/2 life (about 2 weeks) and it is perfectly fine to alternate different doses to get the one you need, or even to take one dose on the week days and another on the weekends.

There is no weird dose, there is just a dose that works for you.

It is also fine to change your dose very slowly. There are no races when it comes to managing thyroid meds, just a slow adjustment to get to that sweet place where you feel good!

Hope this helps.
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