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Ok for the sake of not hijacking the other thread on the subject of Erfa i had a couple questions.

For those of you who take Erfa,  do you take your entire daily dose at once or do you split dose?  There was a very defensive argument on the Erfa page a while back regarding multi dosing.  The head pharmacist said it was made to dose only once a day.  But we all know what is good for one, may not be good for another.

Also,  does anyone know the chemical compound of a 1 grain pill (t4 and t3)?
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Remember the re-surfaces thread a short time ago specifically about thyroid med dose / multi doses / time of day?  The Erfa brand would for no reason be any different as to how / when to ingest it. With the two others I know on Erfa,  we all take it multiple times per day, as do most people on some kind of T3 or combo med.

This topic of when seems re-surface quite often. It all comes down to T3 (or T3 in a combo med) lasts a short period of time in the body, 4-5 hours. So when you should take it and what it will do is pretty simple given its short life.

Are you taking about the Erfa web page itself? and it was against multi dosing? Makes little common sense for most people. Maybe the author was drinking too much Molson during editing.

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yes it was that one guy (the erfa guy who answers all the faq) saying over and over "the way it was designed was only tested for a one dose regimen"   and then the person would ask the question differently, and he would say the same thing over and over.

You mentioned that your FT4 was nicer on this than it was on NT.  DO you know if Erfa has more T4 in it per dose than the other NTH>?

I think my ear ringing is from too much t3.  I honestly do.  I need more t4.  I need a smaller dose of meds to achieve a higher t4 level.  I think this will be my answer if my theory is correct.  Less meds, better t4, lower t3.
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also, i think NT is stronger than first suspected.  It has kicked me in the butt but took a while to do so.
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Can a person in the USA get ERFA?  

Isn't ERFA a Canadian drug?  Can we in the USA just order it online?  How does a prescription work from an American Dr?  I assume you still need a prescription in order to get ERFA online.  Is it legal to get meds across country boundary's
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I think the T4 absorbs better in it, but t3 will still be higher than usual.
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this info was all over thyroid forums 2 yrs ago when Armour stopped shipping.

Made in Canada. Doc faxwx sript to online can pharma (start googling).

Totally lagit.

A Place in FLA imports it, costs more.
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1 grain (60 mg) = 38 mcg T4 and 9 mcg T3
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thank you.  looks like a slightly better (tiny dab ) better combo than nature throid but barely enough to justify this to the dr.

Moose-  what time do you dose?
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Bruce -There is a whole thread on dosing last two weeks. Repeated information. Time to take notes.? LOL. I think you know how most dose by now. OK I'm picking on you. But still.

Erfa designed thyroid? LOL They bought the rights from Phizer (spelling). And they bought it from someone else. It's a a 100 year old recipe.

So was the origional Armour, 100 years old. Made by Armour meat company, not to high tech. Was changed in 2009 per FDA orders.

FDA can not tell Erfa what to do. Canada rocks.
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FDA can not tell Erfa what to do. Canada rocks.

i think I'm lost

and can you point me out on the dosing info?   i have hashimotos.  i can't remember what i had for breakfast or what i am doing 2 hours from now.  
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Can you show me the dosing post?  In dosing at night but hard to sleep
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is efra chocolate flavored?
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