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failure to diagnose hyperparathyroidism

My mother (73, overweight, gave up smoking in 1978 but drinks more than ideal) started a cough about 4 months ago and lost appetite, lost weight, became nauseus, bit depressed adn forgetful. About 3 months ago a minor exertion resulted in a fracture in a spinal vertebra and about 1 months ago a minor knock resulted in broken wrist and she was diagnosed with osteoporosis and given calcium that made her very sick so she stopped. Recently also diagnosed with start of kidney stones. The cough, loss of appetite, nausea and weight loss has continued and worsened. She ended up in hospital over christmas almost in a coma and on a drip. they have now given her furosemide for congestive heart failure and this is some relief to the cough and appetite issue.
However I think she has undiagnosed hyperparathyroidism but can't persuade her or her doctors to investigate this because she had normal blood tests in november. However I am aware that 7-12 % of HPT cases show blood tests within normal but still she and her doctors seem to be discounting and only dealing with Congestive heart failure.
Am i right to assume possible HPT problem, how do I get doctors to investigate this?
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That’s a tough one, for sure.  At your Mom’s age so many things could be going on.

I’m no expert but it’s my understanding that a case of HPT would more blatantly be revealing itself (via the blood work) by the age of 73.  This is why, again from what I understand, my own case was more unusual – because it did all that at a younger age.   But, and that’s a big ‘But,’ that does not mean it’s definitely not occurring either and I don’t want to put you off.  You might be exactly correct and I would continue to pursue information on this.

Perhaps, as the more pressing issue of her heart condition settles, the whole picture of what’s going on might become clearer.  Do keep in mind that the osteoporosis and kidney stones can be stemming from other sources too.

Welcome and keep in touch.  Good luck.
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