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genetic testing men

I realize that this is kind of off the subject but, I would like your opinion on genetic testing. I am concerned that it will flag me and my family for health ins. and life ins.  There is a question of whether my mother has men or not. There are 9 kids in our family, plus our children. I so far have had a single parathyroid adenoma  and small goiter. I do have multiple medical problems that being treated, which include kidney stones. My labs are good except my K+,  which is low. Do you think that there is any risk in genetic testing and do you think that there is any need to test? hx  htn, atypical migraines, complex partial seizures, kidney stones and diarrhea with bx noncaseating granulomas. My mother has had thyroidectomy, noncancerous, rt adrenal adenoma( active) not pheo, high calcium, hot pituitary per my sister.
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I can relate to the kidney stone part of you ? .. How is your calcium level?  And did they do a 24hr urine?  Both crucial to see about the para's and/or possible kidney stone making.  I make calcium oxalate stones but normal calcium!

As far as the gene marker .. great ? .. simiilar to breast cancer and higher risk for insurance .. I don't know ????  Good to be your own advocate before the test to be sure if it has an impact or not even if legally they say it is ok.

Arthritits markers are available too as I understand.

Your ? can also be posted on Dr. Lupo's forum .. he may be able to better guide you.


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Hi, I saw your response to my post. I had a parathyroidectomy in 97 and I take medicine to reduce my calcium and oxilate. Yeah, I kind of worry about getting insurance for myself and my kids if we test and come back positive. I just found this site today, so I will have to check out Dr Lupo. Thanks, Connie
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