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hashimoto and dry peeling lip ?

Hello ,
I wanted to ask whether any one in this forum experienced having chronic dry peeling bottom lip ?
can just being hypo cause that ?  or it's the antibodies ?
what is the treatment ??

Thank You !
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I have had dry feet, neck, chest, scalp, face, shins, lips, eyes...

I have read that allergy meds combined with Zantac or Nexium help as well as the thyroid hormone. Read the post here about Hives and Hashimoto's.

I am using Vaseline, which works much better than lotion.

:) Tamra
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I have also suffered many years from peeling lips, only recently connected that to my Hashi's.  I haven't had it since they took out my thyroid (cancer) and nothing really helped my lips.  
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