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hashimoto's and hot flashes

I was diagnosed w/hashimoto's at around age 50.  I am now 56 and have been on .075mcg generic levothyroxine for the past 6 yrs.  I am also past menopause but continue to have hot flashes.  they subside for a while but about every 3 months or so come back w/ a vengeance.  i am taking various menopausal vitamins and supplelments, but those have stopped working and again the flashes are back.  i am now beginning to wonder if the hot flashes are related to the thyroid and not menopause.  Would taking a brand name rather than a generic drug help?  I do not take any other drugs and don't have any other medical issues.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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I had hysterectomy in my 30s in mid 40s was having hot flashes and md put me on estrogen AND started treating Hashimoto. I developed numerous breast lumps went to MDA and found only cyst caused by the estrogen. The MD there said my hot flashes were not menopause they were from the thyroid. I did not need hormone therapy, it actually would complicate the Hashimoto
You've answered a very old thread, so it's unlikely the previous poster will respond.  

I had a hysterectomy at 46 and was placed on estrogen patches, but only used them for a couple of years and my doctor said I didn't need them any longer.  I had hot flashes and night sweats for a good 10-12 yrs after my hysterectomy.  I finally got my doctor to admit that they no longer had anything to do with menopause, but he wasn't willing to try to find out what was causing them.  

When I was 58, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, but he refused to test for Hashimoto's.  I didn't get that diagnosis until a couple years later by a different doctor.  12 yrs into hypothyroidism, I still have some hot flashes once in a while, but night sweats are the worst.   Just last week I was diagnosed with a cyst in my breast.  

I know a few women who have Hashimoto's and are on some type of HRT with no complications.  It all depends on the  person and their individual needs.
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