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heart symptoms?

Hi! just wondering if anyone out there has heart palpitaions as a symptom for any kind of thyroid condition.  I have elevated TSH (3.35) normal T4 low freeT3, normal reverse T3, high anti-tpo (35), and really high Anti-TG.  I have constant heart palpitations (premature atrial contractions).  I do not have weight gain or low energy.  I do show dry skin and small amount of puffiness around eyes.  It's mainly the palpitations bothering me.  Any idea's out there?
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Heart palpitations are a symptom of thyroid, I have not had them as Hypo, although members here that are Hyper have mentioned having them. I am not sure but I think they are medicated with Beta-Blockers. By me responding (It will bump your post up) its possible other members will advise. Good Luck FTB4
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I have had heart palpatations and also had thyroid storm (Atrial Fibrillation)prior to RAI (3 times in 2 weeks).
I was on Inderal (beta blocker) to help.
There are a few names for the palps and the most common ones is Supraventricular fibrillation, Tachycardia and Bradycardia.
I have suffered with Bradycardia and Tachycardia since I was born due to a heart murmur.
See your Doc about beta blockers and ask for an ultrasound to be done on your heart to make sure it isnt working overtime with the thyroid issue.
Also an ECG wouldnt go astray but to get accurate results, you have to be basically experiencing these symptoms at the time of the ECG. (Electrocardiograpgh).
Personally , dont mess around with any concerns about the ticker...get it checked.
Let us know how you go :)
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Yes! I've been suffering from heart palpitations, a racing heartbeat & spiked bp. My doctor put me on Atenolol, a beta blocker, until we find the source of what is causing my problems. It really helps when Im having an attack where my heart pounds and races! So ask your doc about beta blockers & whats causing your palpitations. My thyroid tests came back normal but I have hypercalcemia (high calcium levels) so I'm being tested for parathyroid & other hormones that could be causing my racing heartbeat & palpitations. But as I researched online, I found that palpitations are a direct symptom of hyperthyroid, so knowing that, & with your thyroid levels being elevated, you really need to follow up with your doctor with the test results you received in your hand! the sooner you figure out whats wrong, the sooner you can feel better:) also, be your own advocate, if your doctor doesnt help you out, see another doctor! thats the best advice I have:) good luck & I hope you feel well soon:)
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I have hyperthyroid and one of my symptons is/was heart palpitations. I am on propranolol but I havent seen the specialist yet...next friday!
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I had heart palps pre thyroidectomy when on synthetic meds.  I was being treated as being hypo, but my thyroid was still producing enough TSH and the meds would throw me hyper.  It took as little as 25 mcg's and I was off.  Sometimes it felt like a lovely little jungle beat was trying to rip my heart right out of my chest.  I haven't noticed it since TT.
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I have been getting them lately and I am hypo and at this very moment wearing a halter monitor. Is it common for Hypos to have this issue? I am also 7 wks pregnant too, but my Dr said it's weird because the ONLY time I get them is when I'm going to sleep and no matter the position I am in (sleeping upright also) it automatically comes when I'm falling asleep. I had them so bad last night I was sweat really bad...
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It´s likely because of stress.
You should talk to a doctor about it just in case.
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The Holtor Monitor will determine within 24 hours whether there is an underlying heart condition from the thyroid or wether it is stress.
Personally I would say its stress or anxiety.
The thyroid releases hormones around 3-4am every day but not when you first get into bed.
See your Doc and explain the symptoms so as he can treat you properly.
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Approx. 5 months ago, I began waking up during the night to a feeling of my heart fluttering.  This was right after an increase in my thyroid meds., so I assumed that it was related.  My total T4 was slightly above the high limit of the ref. range.  Since that time I have had an EKG, a full stress test, and worn a Holter monitor for 24 hours.  None of these tests showed anything unusual.  When the fluttering sensation wakes me at night, I check my pulse rate and it is always normal.    
Since then my meds have been changed to try and increase my free T3, without getting my T4 so high.  My free T3 is now in the upper part of the range, free T4 in the low end and TSH  is .14.  Everything seems good, but the nighttime fluttering continues.  
Numerous times the sensation seemed to be coming from an area below the heart, so I've wondered if it could be the diaphragm.  Interestingly, I've found that if I sit up in bed, the fluttering goes away.  Last night I took a deep breath and pushed down on my diaphragm and the fluttering stopped.  So now I'm doing some web surfing to see if I can find out more about this.
Just thought I'd throw this into the discussion, FWIW.
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Interesting about the fluttering.  I get tachycardia due to a congenital heart defect, and my last meds increase made it considerably worse.  I've since backed off to my previous dose.

However, there's a maneuver that I discovered on my own when I was just a teenager, and that my cardiologist has since told me is a legitimate technique for regulating the HR.  Amazingly enough, it sounds like exactly what you describe as "taking a deep breath and pushing on your diaphragm".  What you are actually doing is trying to bring pressure on your vagus nerve, which slows the HR (I also think it evens it out).  This has worked for me for years (knocking on wood right now).  The vagus nerve runs from your brain, down your neck, and then down the middle of your body.  This maneuver has a name, but I can't think of it at the moment.

Did you ever get the flutter when you had the Holter monitor on?
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Yes, the fluttering feeling woke me up  three times the night I was wearing the Holter monitor, but nothing unusual showed up in the results.  This and the other tests, along with never noticing any change in heart rate, plus the way the fluttering feeling seems to move around has led me to believe it is not heart related at all.  So I am doing some web surfing on diaphragm fluttering.
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My heart flutters are from a heart murmur (from Birth) so am used to them by now lol.
I suffer with Bradycardia and Tachycardia from the heart murmur.
Good reading here though...great to see some connection in regards to the diaphram too.
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