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heartburn / indigestion - thyroid related?

I have been having a burning/acid sensatoin at the base of my throat and I am wondering if this could be related to my hyperthyroidism.  I have been having this all week - morning and night.  Sometimes it feels as though something is in the very bas of my throat.  It's not in my chest, and I have never really had heartburn before, so I don't know.

I go to the second Endro tomorrow.  Just want to know if this is something I should mention to him or not.  Thanks!
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You probably have Gastro Esophogeal Reflux Disease (GERD)...do you cough after you eat or get excessive phlegm?  If so, have him prescribe Prilosec, you can notice a difference in a few weeks, then you will be able to tell if it is indeed GERD.  
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Like MANmom said, its not allways in your chest (actual heartburn). Is the throat feel bad in the morning?

A lot of thyroid people have acid reflux at night and dont realize it, then termed silent reflux or LPRD, which is a little different than major heartburn. The difference is you may not feel the burn down low near the LES but you can wake up gagging if the acid makes it way to the voice box area past the Upper Esophageal Sphincter. The throat gets soar in the morning and muscles contract in 'defense mode' termed 'globus sensation' in the medical community.

Prilosec or other PPI might work for you. Like stated above, test it out. It is not meant to use long term though, can mess you up. Bad for pancreas. With less acid you will not absorb food correctly, nor will you digest it. If you do have GERD, seek natural treatments if Prilosec works or not. Dont use over 3 months!!

D-limonene (orange peel extract by Jarrow taken with food one a day) works long term and safer. Some people need more acid and take Apple Cider Vinager.

You can raise the head of your bed 6-8 inches with wood blocks for a few weeks, as it will help in the healing of a 'burned throat', if that is the case. Another easy first step to try. See if throat feels better in the morning.
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Ok, just checking.  I was put on Zantac after my stomach infection.  I took it for a few weeks then stopped.  Once I stopped, I only had a few instances of anything similar to hartburn.  Now, this week I am noticing it every time I eat.  I don't wake up with it though, at least I don't notice it first thing in the morning.  It feels as though something is sitting at the base of my neck/throat.  I guess I am back on Zantac ...

Thanks for the input.
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I was told by a nurse when I was in the hospital that Baking Soda is the same ingredient as the expensive pill prilosec. I did check it out on the Internet and found much info to support her claims. The Baking Soda box actually has the instructions on how to use for such conditions. Check it out! I personally have used it MANY of times with great relief :)
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If Zantac (ranitidine) works for you, that is a safer choice than Prilosec!  Pepcid AC is also the same drug classification. But its still a chemical 'bandaid'. If GERD persist, seek the cause from other forums!!

Prilosec (brand for omeprazole), Pantoprazole and Nexium are not at all in any way chemically related to baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate). They are in the Proton Pump Inhibitor class of drugs thus the term PPI. How they work is by turning the acid pumps OFF in your stomach. While on this drug, the amount of acid your stomach can still produce is directly proportional to the MG's of PPI taken.

Yes baking soda can be used for indigestion. Sodium Bicarbonate is just a mixure of elements from the Atomic table of elements - whatever its called. It works by chemical reaction of neutralization (PH) of acids, any acid. Instant relief, but short term. Alka Seltzer is mainly Sodium Bicarbonate and Asprin. There is only one PPI that also has some sodium bicarbonate in it, Zegerid.
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I say google it and see what the relationship is for yourself.

Baking Soda related to Prilosec
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