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help I'm desperate

dear dr.Lupo
I'm desperate, looking for answers. My TSH level is 25.1 and I need to know if this is dangerous. My Doctor is calm and cool. but when I look at other people postings 25.1 is extreme. I'm feeling very sick. Please write back. Is this something i need to worry about. Thanks DEB
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please post the other levels and the normal ranges for comparison.  as well as if you are on medication, how much and for how long?
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See a different doctor. When your TSH is at 10 you should be treated for the most part. Even more so if you're feeling crappy. Consider going straight to an endocrinologist.
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Your Tsh is way to high
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has your doctor prescribed anything? it sounds like you should be probably be started on thyroxine with a TSH of 25.1, I'm no expert or doctor but hope thyroxine would help you. if your doctor hasn't recommended any action with a TSH reading like that then I agree with Azcate and suggest you get yourself a second opinion, pronto. wishing you well.
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This is a patient forum, so you probably won't get a response from Dr. Lupo.

Your TSH is just too high, and you also need to get your FT3 and FT4 checked to determine those levels. Along with that, the 24 hour saliva test to determine if your adrenals are functioning properly as well.

Next, I suggest the TPoab and TGab antibody tests to determine if Hashimoto's is to blame.

Finally, with such a high TSH, a CT of the pituitary gland might be in order if your Hashi tests are negative.

If you are unhappy with your doctor, switch! I've been through four endos. I've been too sick before to let a doctor get in the way of my good health.

This is the site where I found my new endo. This list isn't perfect. Make sure the doc tests and treats both sets of frees - FT3 and FT4.
:) Tamra
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Wow...25.1.  You need to be really careful.  Once you get on meeds you will feel better, but different.  I agree with tamra...  Please keep us posted
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a TSH of 25 is high and requires some further investigation and treatment.. I hope that your doctor is monitoring and providing answers for you, if not then you should definitely seek another provider.

Hopefully to calm your fears with a TSH of 25... My TSH was 102 a few months ago, i'm on treatment of course and now down to 14 but i hope this helps you feel better to know that TSH can get WAY up there and you can be ok.. Just make sure you are seeing a provider to treat you.
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