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help: shivers and night Sweats

well ive been getting shivers and night Sweats for about 15 years. i no when im goin to sweat cos i freeze and have the shivers from hell just after a take my clothes of to get into bed. when i get to sleep i wake up in sweat the bed is also ringin wet. can anyone put some lite on what the hell is up with me
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I have the same thing. My PCP can not figure it out. I thought maybe I am hitting menopause, but PCP says no. I am 38. I can usually tell when I am going to get them as well. Right before bed time my body will start to get hot and all my veins will pop right through the skin.  I also wake up with shirt soaking wet, i acutally use it to dry off, AND the bed sheets are damp so of course it is cold and I shiver. Strange though, during the day I am always cold. I use a space heater at work...even throug out the summer. My hands and feet are always cold....I guess it is a thyroid issue..

I have actually been told to record my temperature during the night sweats. I have not started recording yet, have to go buy a thermometer first...

I have had them for probably the last 3yrs and never paid attention to them thinking it is hormonal thing for women.
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I've had the same problem - chilly when I first go to bed, then wake up soaked in sweat, toss off covers, get chills again, put covers back on, sweat - it's a vicious cycle all night long!!

I've been having this happen for approx 15 yrs as well.  Had hysterectomy 13 yrs ago, which threw me into menopause.  My dr said it was menopausal problem, but I think that menopausal problems should have been over a long time ago - dr finally agreed with me and said I'd probably "just have to live with it".  

I was dx hypothyroid in Jun '08 and most of the time now, I'm cold, except for the night sweats.  Not sure if the sweats are a thyroid issue or something else - would love for someone to shed some light on it.  
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I had the same thing happen to me.  I am a 31 year old male in gemerally good health.  I narrowed it down to a wheat intolerence of all things.  May have been thyroid related as well.
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RE: night sweats/shivers.  I am a 51 year female with the same problem.  I was diagnosed hypothyroid in May 08 and take 12.5mcg levothyroxing.  Although my TSH is now in the normal range (4.1) I still have the same severe shivering/cold, and have had it for about a year or so.  I am also generally cold during the day but nights are so severe it causes my muscles to cramp.

I am also looking for RX suggestions but here is a non-RX idea that has helped me cope--cotton turtle neck, fuzzy socks and a warm fuzzy stocking cap for sleep gear.  Sounds dumb, looks dumbers BUT it has helped!  The hat is the most significant, I think.  It also helps to have two warm dogs sleep at the foot of the bed.  One warm husband on the side does not hurt but he moves around too much...!
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I'd sweat to death with that many clothes on and once I get into a sweat, I'd never be able to get them off quick enough.  I just snuggle down into my blankets, dog on one side, body pillow on other, but when I get into a sweat, everything has to go!!  

I'm on 88 mcg synthroid daily - but think that will be readjusted again tomorrow when I see the dr.  My dr kept telling me that the sweats were due to menopause, but I finally convinced him that I should be through with that considering how long it's been - he finally agreed with me and pretty much told me that I'd probably just have to "live with it".  

Johncp - did you stop eating wheat??  Did it help?  Might be worth looking into.  I've had the sweats for so many years that I doubt it's thyroid related for me since I was just diagnosed in June 08, even considering that I had the thyroid problem for a while before being diagnosed, I still think I've had the sweats too long for there to be a connection in my case.  
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I am sooo glad I found this BB!  I too have been doing the down to the bone chills followed by waking during the night/wee hours of the morning soaking wet from sweating, followed by chills again!  I am 48 yrs old and have been doing this for at least 10 years!  I was diagnosed 7 years ago with Graves Disease and have just blamed it on that ever since. UGH! I hate it!
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And here I thought I was the only one suffering with this....

I had my thyroid removed 14yrs ago due to hyper/graves. I am currently on 100 mcg of Levothyroid. Maybe the graves put my hormones out of whack.

I sleep with minimal clothing and have a corner fan on me and I still wake up with them.
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I sleep with minimal clothing, very light blanket, turn the heat as low as hubby will let me get by with, have ceiling fan running all night, plus my hubby got me a couple of "chillows" last year for Christmas.  The chillows don't keep me from having the sweats, but do help me cool down quicker once they start.  When I first go to bed and have chills, I have to really snuggle with my body pillow, etc, but I always know it won't be long before the sweats come.  

I think I'm going to look into the wheat intolerance that was mentioned a couple days ago.
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My husband keeps telling me I need to stop dreaming about him and I would not have the "night sweats" LOL...

Gotta love the hubby's...

In all seriousness I have had four different infections since Sept. Could be why I am having the night sweats...

sialenditis (had to have submandibular gland removed)

abscess in left buttock: Klebsiella pneumoniae, and streptococcus / was cut and drained, but still battling the infection. On my 3rd antibiotic for it as we speak...

bladder infection (constant urination, but not painful) discovered during cystoscopy
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Yeah - hubby's (the darlins!).  Wow girl - you definitely have your plate full and yes, I would guess that any or all of those things could cause you to have sweats and who knows what else.  

I wish you the very best of luck in getting all of these issues settled.  
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Your Thyroid may well be the crux of the problem, mine was overactive and sent me into congetive heartfailure. I had the night sweats and pretty much the same symtoms each of you has had, covers on, covers off, I was almost crazy. I already had copd and had MRSA and pseudomonis(Look it up, it's nasty) in my lungs. So, I was a mess to begin with. I have a medical background and knew that suddenly I was having symptoms of congetive heart failure. Went straight to the hospital and told them that right before I passed out in the emergency room.I was very lucky in that I got an Internal Medicine Man which is what each of you should see. They deal with the glandular systems plus liver, kidneys, gallbladder. heart, kidneys. What ever is wrong they will find.Your thyroid can kill you and I was a hair away. I have a friend who has para thyroid disease and had the same sweat/cold/sweat problem and she too almost died.(Ihave no ideaa what para thyroid disese is but she was cold/sweaty a lot)Anyway, I spent 5 days in ICU this past november  with my thyroid problem . My Dr. says a low thyroid is as bad as a high T He says it needs to be really balanced for you to funtion at optimum.It is something family doctors know very little about.  I don't have graves which is usually the overactive thyroid.. Now that my meds to slow down my thyroid and regulate my blood pressure are working, I feel 100% better and my 2years of living Hades is over. My sweat also had a very odd smell, not body odor by a heavt nutty  weird smell that would almost gag me.  To the last lady who is now fighting staph, I would ask that they culture the bug to find out what it is subseptible too. You have been on way too may antibiotics for them not to have done that. Also, this sounds crazy but we have had an outbreak in our little town of MRSA amoung the athletes from swatting each other with towels and spreading the bacteria around. One of our local doctors read an article in one of the medical journals, that some tests have been done and Gall berry honey (you can buy on line for about 8.00) will kill strep including Mrsa on contact.I worked for these kids if caought in time. I keep a jar and dab it on any cut I get just to be safe. Hope this helps someone. A lot of your comments confirmed what my doctor had told me so I don't feel crazy or alone. I probably had had an overactive thyroid for many years but as I reached my sixties, things started to slow done and my heart couldn't handle all that racing from my thyroid.
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