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I've just been started on this medication called. METHIMAZOLE, I under stand that its for my thyroid. How long before I can feel it working. I don't get diarrhea or shaking of the hands. What I do get is a lot of really bad headaches and palpitations of the heart and shortness of breath and I feel a noose around my neck. I really can't stand the terrible headaches anymore. I need some advice now.
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it all depends on how much your taking,everyone is different when I started on 10mg a day it took 6 weeks befor it kicked in.i had headaches,palps and shaking of hands hopeful they caught you in time befor it your symtoms got worse.i have been lucky enough to have gone into remissiom for 3 years but sadly back on meds 4 days now don't no what happened I have the palps back.what dose of med's are you on ?
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