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hi im 22years old and i have been having thyroid for about 2 years now i also have pcos and i am now taking metformin 500mg  twice daily its supposed to help me loose weight but so far no luck i have been on met for about 5 months now and i have only lost 9 lbs it is so stressing.
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Are you being treated for your thyroid also?  If you don't treat your thyroid you will have a very hard time loosing weight.  

I was also told I had PCOS but after getting my dosage right with naturethroid many of my symptoms went away.
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I agree that if you thyroid levels aren't good for you (not just in normal range), you will have a hard time losing weight, even with the met.

Please post your most current thyroid test results, along with reference ranges, so members can help assess your thyroid function.  
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