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high PTH post parathyroidectomy

I was diagnosed with a parathyroid adenoma which i was surgically removed. My have developed severe osteoporosis due to the abnormal functioning of the parathyroid, I also experienced severe aches and movement issues specially in my joints, hip bone etc. Post surgery i found some temporary relief but two months down the aches and pains have resurfaced. I got  PTH intact test done and it was 942.9 pg/mL, calcium was 7.8 mg/dL. I revisited my doctor who added some more calcium and now the calcium is 10.9 mg/dL, however my aches and pains and discomfort in movement is persisting. My worry is whether the parathyroid problem has not been resolved or is it something else and what course of action should I take.
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WELCOME to the Community!  Have they ck'd your overall thyroid functioning tests?  If they even get the slightest bit knicked/tapped during surgery the thyroid may stop functioning and require medication ??

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Had the ademona caused hyperparathyroidism?  Is it bone pain you're having?  Or is it the muscles?

Are you sure you're taking enough calcium/vit d?  Even though your blood calcium might be okay, your bones could still be needing more for a while.

What about the levels of magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, etc.  Some of these got thrown off for me, especially the magnesium.
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